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Ministry of Health Necessary Antibiotic Use Central Reception Announcements

Ministry of Health Antibiotic Use Central Reception Announcement

As a project of the Ministry of Health, the ıl Rational Antibiotic Use Media Campaign ın was launched to reduce unconscious antibiotic use! In order to prevent unnecessary antibiotic use, public spots, central announcements, visuals and internet videos were prepared. All these preparations were made for a single purpose, avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use. ...]

Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK) Power Plant Advertisement

Personal Data Protection Act (6698) Advertisement

My Prodüksiyon which is the industry's leading vocalization agency in Central Announcement, Central Voiceover and IVR Voice Over is a necessity for companies. it enables you to deliver to your customers. In particular, the companies that sign the subscription agreement and / or the use of the Internet through a telephone or virtual environment through a telephone or service, and the use of personal data [...]

Power Plant Texts 2019

Phone Prompt Announcement Text Samples

So, you decided to add a professional English voice over to your project, and the Power of the Power of the Operator asked you to write a screenplay. What do you have to do? A script consists of the text that the PowerPoint Announcement Artist will save. The way you write the script may, to a certain extent, affect the way that the Powerhouse Announcement reads and affects the cost of your project in the long run. For example, let's get the following script: Example Voice Command and additional readability issues. Problems with a script can be divided into the following categories: Readability, Direction, and Technical Requirements. A Powerhouse Speaker, in a single session [...]

Top 10 Telephone Power Plants

Top 10 Phone System Brands

Top 10 Telephone Exchange Brands Businesses have more options than ever before when it comes to phone systems. Whether it's a voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), in-house, cloud-hosted, or a completely virtual system, businesses can now choose from hundreds of options. With this wide choice, finding a suitable phone system for your business can often be a difficult attempt. The first questions to be answered are whether you want the type of telephone connection you want to have landline, VoIP or virtual and the system to be hosted on the premises or in the cloud. The company [...]

Top 10 Voip Phone Brand And Model 2018

Top 10 VOIP Switchboard & Phones (2018 Updated)

Top 10 VOIP Switchboard & Phone Finding an office VoIP phone solution that suits your business needs is becoming a bit more challenging with so many options you're experiencing. However, this is also an advantage. Many leading manufacturers in the telecom industry are now focusing their efforts on IP phones, making sure to find a solution that meets your budget and includes the most useful features for your business. Our expert team has carefully examined the best VoIP phones available from leading suppliers such as Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, and a broader range of [...]

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How Should Be The Phone Prompt Voice Recording?

Wouldn't it be great if everyone on the planet spoke the same language? Marketing to a global audience and doing it completely eliminate language barriers. As an expanding business, it is important that your customer support system and marketing materials are consistent. As an expanding business, you cannot sell products to customers who use another language without offering foreign language voiceover support. Central Vocalization Records With Foreign Language, customers should not have to deal with low quality. Create voice commands and voice commands to create voice commands, they are recorded in the language of foreign languages during the preparation stage, [...]

Phone Prompt Voice Over

Whats The Benefits Of Voice Over On Your Brand?

The most important feature that makes people human and distinguishes people from other elements is language. We can convey our requests to the other side through the language and reach our wishes. We would not be able to communicate our wishes and wishes to them even if we could not do many things and if we could never agree with people. We can tell ourselves about the language by means of language and we can establish the way of agreement through such communication. Language is also an organ that helps us to express what we have in mind. The words that we think, what we dream, and everything that goes through our mind, put into words through the language and [...]


10 Points To Consider When Buying a Phone System!

It is often a challenging choice to get a quality plant that is special to your company. How to choose the right switchboard? What is the most suitable plant for your company? Here are the answers to all these questions we have combined for you in this article. When you are picking up a telephone exchange, we have summarized the 10 most important items to help you make this choice easier and help you find the switchboard device that best fits your needs. 1- Power Plant Domestic and International Capacity Capacity (PBX) is divided into two lines as domestic and international lines within the power plant. Internal [...]

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

Central Announcement Samples We would like to welcome you with our corporate examples. In case you cannot prepare the text of the plant, our company provides support in this regard. We are with you with all kinds of central voiceover solutions including the IP telephony that responds to the latest technological needs. Our professional announcement writers, announcements to your needs according to your requirements as appropriate to offer you the announcements. In the announcement of power plant announcements, our professional voice actors prepare our announcement scenarios that will be harmonious with your needs in accordance with your needs and you will be informed about these announcements [...]


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