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In television and radio broadcasting, organizing news clocks and making news broadcasts at specified times is a process that increases the follow-up of the channel and increases the quality of broadcasts to a certain level. In order for news broadcasts to be carried out, a specific newsletter must be created. For this publication, the news provided by the correspondents working in the channel and the subscribing agencies should be converted into a certain bulletin. During this presentation, the voiceover, the announcements made in the news and the sounds used in the news input are done separately. In order to carry out these studies, it is possible to use certain personnel within the organization, news voiceover service can be taken from our company for the process. Check it out our clients

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News Voiceover

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Our company is in the news for many television and radio channels in Turkey can offer such services in packages can offer certain services. Among these services; voice over, announce and input-output voices. Thanks to these services, the news bulletin on your channel can become much more level and serious. In this way, your channel can increase their income by encountering more viewers or listeners.

Professional and Effective News Announcement
Especially in television news bulletins, the use of announcements is frequently seen in order for news to become more interesting. This kind of news is a news report prepared by a reporter or an agency reporter in the region where a specific event takes place. This type of news that can be performed live at the scene can be performed by a method that was previously taken and announced at the scene. In both methods, the person who will perform the announcement should be professionally connected to journalism or should be informed at the point of presentation.

In the news studio, the presentation of the news prepared in this way to the audience news announcement must be done. The person making this announcement is the person who provides the clear information about the news and makes the audience ready to watch the story by telling the outlines before going on to the images. You can get an integrated service from our company for the voices made in the breakpoints of the news and the voice announcing performed in the news. In general, you can create a qualified newsletter by using voice over services in our company in order to prepare the main newsletters in a complete and comprehensive manner. You can get a ready-to-serve newsletter with the regular singing of the news one by one, the announcement of the announcements and the realization of the news interpreter.

TV News Voice Over

Usually, each channel has a newsletter and a connotation news sound together with people in a habit forming and is constantly followed. At this point, you can make a continuous follow-up of your newsletter with a sound associated with your channel.


In order to create this phenomenon, you can choose the sound with the qualities and characters you want thanks to the voice overs in our company and you can make your news sound the way you want and at the same time you can have a characteristic sound at the point of entry and exit. Also one of the qualified services provided by our company clock news or a separate news bulletin that you edit every hour. The channels, which usually broadcast news every hour on a regular basis, are continuously monitored by the viewers and these channels are preferred to be aware of the world. At this point, in order to reduce the burden on the news media media companies and to provide professional news solutions, My Production is at the forefront with the news broadcasting staff. We offer solutions such as TV Channel Voiceover, Radio Channel Voiceover, Newspaper Voiceover, Magazine News.

News Voiceover

News Voice of Turkey with the best sound! Bögesel to broadcasting and the national radio and TV broadcast from Turkey to the news with a special voice solutions to Z. We provide solutions for all titles. Usta Haber Our voice-over team supports not only news releases but also magazine news. My Production for principled, professional and unbiased news!

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My Production radio stations news, tv launches news and magazine news and to provide solutions with its professional newscaster and news programs. Regional and National radio and television With our news announcers who have many years of experience and knowledge about channels, they both reduce the cost and save time.
News Voiceover With the highest sound quality, clear Turkish language, you can reach your audience and reduce your company costs.

You can contact us and get support for the hourly news, what's happening in the magazine world, our current newsletter service and much more. Professional Turkish Newsreader at the same time, you can transfer your news announcements to your audience with or without video. News Announcement It covers all steps from background music to the provision of newscaster with a team of experts.
Our professional team News Voiceover You can contact us to get the solutions. Our expert team is waiting to answer your questions.

With the news program packages that follow the agenda, inform you about the developments by the news, or you can customize it as you wish with either female or male newscaster options, you can raise the level of national publishing in terms of news. News programs, Highlights from the world and Turkey's agenda, current issues, which consists of weather and sports news.
News Voiceover with 20 years of experience in our work. You can contact us for details and customize our news packages as needed.

Perforated Voiceover In other words, our news speakers know the news about the news on TV, and even Turkish news from foreign sources are transferred to news bulletins with error-free English. The majority of our team is a master who has taken part in national radio and television. news announcers and magazines. My Production Perforated News continues to offer you the best at an affordable price.
Best Perforated Voiceover how to do? Perforated Voiceover Our expert team is waiting for you to answer your questions.

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