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Voice Over Artist Application Form

In the voice over sector, as a Radio TV Programmer, Dubbing Artist, Theater Actor, Sport Announcer or Newscaster, or if you are not working yet. You can take part in our team by filling out the form below for vocal applications. You will be provided with a positive feedback on the form you will send us.

Important note: If you are not trained in vocalization and dubbing, please contact the vocal courses. My Production is not only giving education on dubbing, dubbing and diction but also working with professional and renowned voice actors in this field. The Application for My Production Voiceover Application is made only by this form and no applications are received by e-mail or telephone.

With the following options Audio Demos and CVTell us your message. Audio Demos up to 3 (mp3) can be added.

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My Prodüksiyon, which aims to continuously improve itself, evaluates the performances of the voice actors under the title of ın Voice Over Artist ses.

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