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For many years, we continue to add success to our achievements. At this point, our success in our business comes from working with a professional team. With the importance we have given to our job, this professionalism is combined with a quality service. The books have magnificent features that take us to different worlds and attract some of us from the hassle of everyday life. As we read the books, we read the book we read with an inner voice. And the emotions given are made thanks to this inner voice. This inner voice is the language of the book to the reader. A professional team able to convey this to you in a clear, straightforward manner book voiceover shows how successful you are in your business. Check it out our clients

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E-Book Voice Overlay has been in the Turkish industry for more than 20 years, English E-Book, Foreign Language E-Book Voice OverGerman E-Book Voice Overlay and French E-Book Audio Voice We offer E-Book Voice over solutions in 63 languages, especially in Turkish. So what's the e-book and it makes it so important? E-Books have entered the jer field of our lives together with the developing technology, mobile phones, tablet computers, ipods and ipads, laptops or laptops with known names. While there are so many communication tools and entering our lives, he has gathered the habit of reading in electronic books and technology. Audio Books In contrast to known books, it doesn't require reading because it already has a voice actor who gives you a voice. You do not need to follow the book with your eyes, you just need to hear. Foreign languages such as English, German and French e-book voiceover with our solutions. We are translating your book into Turkish. Here is the most preferred foreign language e-book Our solution.

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Foreign Language E-Book Voice-over In our voice-over solutions, it is possible to sort the other popular languages following English, German and French as follows. Russian E-Book Voice Overlay, Arabic E-Book Voice Overlay, Persian E-Book You can receive E-Book Voice over with the most popular voice actors in the country you are demanding for the target audience. You can increase your brand strength and recognition.

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The first rule of the voice of the book is not only that the person who speaks the book is doing his work not only to voice the book but also reflects his feelings to his work. Therefore Audio Book Voice work is a job that requires more patience and effort than other fields. It consists of certain tips. E-Book Voiceover While doing the middle of the job must find the way, what should not be too exaggerated nor plain post should be like. In certain places, such as theater drama, laugh at certain places, to be someone who laughs in certain places is the trick. All of these feelings need to be conveyed to the reader. We present this challenging and very enjoyable service to you, and we are very proud of doing this right. If you are reading the foreword while reading a book, if you decide to buy the book by looking at the author and certain other features, you will also be vocalized in audiobooks and will be heard by the book.

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In our country, especially for people with disabilities according to the book has reading lines. These books, also known as speaking books, are of great importance to them. At the same time, the rate of reading books on the internet is increasing nowadays. E-Book so Electronic Book These applications include audio books and listeners who want to read books online. Today, when the time is very important, you can read books on the internet using travel, public transport and audio. These studies attract the attention of many people.

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Audio book It is one of the most suitable activities for today's life and technology. Even in textbooks, electronic book readers are transferred day by day. For this reason, we develop books reading programs for you and keep up with technology. In this way, we contribute to make the most of your time. There are audio children's books designed in children like adults.


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for the best children's book publishing houses in Turkey reading audio books we create a habit of reading books. At this point you can reach us via our contact information to contact us. The price information of our audio books may vary depending on various reasons. These;

-Selected according to the sound color, purpose and number of words

- Due to the increase in the number of words due to cost per word, our discounts are also in question.

For price information, we recommend you contact us again. We support you with our professional staff in our voice-over work. Reading books is an invaluable act, but listening to it can be more fun for you if you have a reason not to do it. If you want a novel, if you want a professional book, story, story, religion and so on. If you want to listen to various types, we offer you services in that area. Among our books, classics are available in recent books, including new popular books.

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E-Book Dubbing Dubbing with the most recognizable voices in Turkey! With the best voice actors from 63 different countries, especially in Turkish, E-Book Voice Over! No matter what the content of your electronic books, e-book addressing for children or audio booklet voices aiming to give information to the companies eyi My Production is with you with the best voice actors in 63 languages with e-book voiceover solutions!

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The pleasure of reading habits in every field where technology enters our lives continues to be with us. The fact that everything is described as nano technology and the functionality of the shrinkage of the size is also valid for books. books in electronic book so e-books In terms of functionality, it has gained a lot of features and has shrunk in size. All kinds E-Book Voiceover We are with you.
You planned, E-Book Voice Overlay You can reach us for our solutions.

E-Book Voiceover After all the work is a very enjoyable process brings with it. For example, when you are bored with traffic in your vehicle and E-book you may have your savior. By hearing and listening without having to follow your eyes electronic book you can enjoy. The most distinguished names in our voice-over solutions for electronic books are with you.
Quality advertising production team, copywriting, vocalization, voiceover production until the stage of your brand to the top of the meticulously.

For firms and brands, the voiceover is shorter and informative in terms of size. Booklet Voice name This may be a vocalization work that describes the use of a pharmaceutical company for a drug, or it may be an electronic booklet aimed at providing information on how to load a baggage at a large aircraft terminal. For companies booklet voiceover You can reach us for all our solutions.
Firm E-Book Voice Over We are preparing your studies for your preferred time.

You can create a translation of the video for children in Youtube. vocal aiming to provide information for companies booklet voiceover with our solutions. 63 foreign language voiceover With the great power that our artists have added to us, you have the opportunity to announce your work globally, you can reach us for details.
Dubbing Audio You can reach us without any hesitation at any time of the day.

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