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We are providing the best service with our quality infrastructure as My Produksiyon company, which has been conducting all the voices that will take place within the advertising flows, from companies to brands, events and organization announcements to all public announcements. our company Advertising Voice Over We provide support to our customers in order to meet your demands in the best way.
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Our company, which has been operating for a long time in the voice over sector, continues to serve the same quality and care in the introduction of promotional films. Our company is aware of the fact that the promotional films have the character of being an identity in the identification of companies, companies and brands. promotion film It tries to bring out the best voice with a qualified work for vocalization. We provide projects to our customers by completing the projects with our voice-over work that best reflects the corporate identity of the companies and brands benefiting from our voiceover services, and under the visuals that are prepared in the form of films with the content of the advertisement.
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Compatible with all kinds of power plants, funding and holding music! Karel, Netas, Alcatel, Telesis, Siemens, Panasonic, Multitek, LG, Nortel, Cisco, Brother, Fanvil, Fortel, Grandstream, Nec, Yealink, Bulut Santral, Turk Telekom Virtual Switchboard, Call Center Announcement, Call Center Announcement, Professional solutions at the Main Speaker Voiceover with Background Music and Hold Music. For many years, we've been the best brand in the industry, and our audio recordings are optimized to get the most out of your audio experience with our own codec system.
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Foreign language voiceover solutions in 63 different world languages with you in My Production. We have listed the most popular languages for you in our foreign language vocalization page that you are currently visiting. The 34 most popular foreign language vocalization is in our main category, while the less popular but still less popular is our foreign language vocalization solutions. Foreign Language Voiceover we have listed in our title.
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Stores and shopping malls are not only places to go shopping, but are considered as hot places in the cool winter when many people can spend their free time. The intention of coming to the store is only for people who are wandering or spending time, although there is no intention to buy something, it is possible to be informed about certain products with the announcements to be made and directing them to the buying action. It will be done in such a way as to direct customers' interest to products such as instant discounts and campaigns. store announce is an important issue affecting the purchasing decisions of those in the store. It's supposed to be easy because of the similar things being said. shop announce voice in fact it is not as easy as it is thought. In order to direct the consumers in the store to the products to be purchased, there are issues to be considered in the selection of the person who will perform the voice-over and in the voice-over.
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Foreign Language Speaking Solutions

The request to convert a desired video or audio recording is an event in which the recorded voice is recorded in the language. Foreign language voiceover is also done carefully in our country. The vocalization made; It needs to be compatible with video and audio. The voice of the person who is spoken, gestures and body language must be made in accordance with a voiceover.Foreign Language Dubbing Dubbing First, the film to be published is selected. The selected movie is monitored by the commission. The chef who will assign the task selects the people who can play the characters of the film. The choice of the person is chosen to be a person who can use his / her voice in any film, willing and successful, or visually reflect the character he / she will speak. The director of the film is paid in all respects for the film and selected by the help of the director.
Therefore, the director made a cast for voiceover, ie cast removal. You must create the substitute staff. When voicing a crowded and challenging film, it should be considered in every respect and replaced by substitutes. Any dubbed sound must be destroyed by the entire background. The timing of the speaker's speech should be one to one. It is important not to experience time shift in sound. The voice of the person who is supposed to speak must have worked very well. His voice over is required to be prepared as if he is preparing the role. Because the person who voices gives life to the character. Turkey's expert team with the best agencies My voice production "Foreign Language Voice" also offers the best solution for you.

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Millions of people live on Earth. Millions of people, thousands of nations and communities are more vulnerable than countries. These countries and nations have separate spoken languages. Several methods of communication are used to ensure communication between countries or for visits due to different reasons.English Voice Over & DubbingThe fact that English is spoken in almost every region clearly emphasizes the importance of English in terms of English vocalization.
Having an English-speaking audience everywhere and being easy to understand plays an important role in teaching and learning English in many countries. Considering the most obvious example, it is enough for us to look at our country. In our country, there is an age limit as much as possible for teaching English. It is easier to learn at an early age; The parents of their families are encouraging their children to learn English from an early age.
The most commonly used method to ensure interpersonal communication is voice-over. English voice is of great importance. A particular community speaks English in every country on Earth. The English language, like our own language, has a long history. Besides its deep-rooted history, it has a widespread use rate. In many countries, the language used and accepted as the official language for transnational transitions is, of course, in English.

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My Produksiyon Voice Over Agency

Differences in language cannot prevent going to different countries, living there, traveling and similar situations. Vocalization, to help people about this issue and does not know about the language performs the activities. In order to ensure the transition between foreign languages in airplanes, buses, movies and similar cases, voice over is performed. German Dubbing DubbingGerman vocalization is recognized as a foreign language in which these opportunities are made. It is important for the speaker to know the languages very well and to sing in a very experienced way. The listener should not be in a dilemma with a shortage of pronunciation. Instead of a singular voiceover; emphasis, tone, diction, such as spoken in an original way is able to transfer.
German voice over; It is carried out in areas where the German language is not spoken or not. Dubbing; male and female are divided into two. In addition, as a place of voice over, according to the need; documentary vocalization, story voiceover, resting facility announcement voiceover, bus voiceover, radio voice over, advertising film voice over, child voice over, TV commercials voice over, powerhouse voice over, singing voice, facility announcement voice over, publicity film voice over, international festival and similar organizations , voice voices, voiceover and similar voiceover areas.

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My Produksiyon Voice Over Agency

The French, who are known to have a nationalist structure in general, have made great progress in dubbing. This language is quite a number of users in the world, and it is a language spoken in many movies and commercials. The fact that the language is more complex and difficult than the English language has increased the value of the companies that made the voice of voice.French Voice Over
The voice tone of the speaker, the full reflection of the characteristics of the character, are very important for a good voiceover. For this reason, a good education process by doing this job is a first rule to be a quality sound. Speech should be seen as a branch of art in itself. If the person receiving the vocal training will perform a voice in the French language, the basic techniques of sound should be taken more seriously. Because the sound of the character depends on the correct pronunciation and the way it is spoken. In this sense, the pronunciation of French, which is the lynch, is the language that requires the most education.
Voice over firms are making choices according to native languages for each language. For example, if the French speaker will be French, the quality of the vocalization will be extremely positive. In all respects, he will become the ruler of the language and will naturally take on the character as he gives life to the character. This will allow him to fully reflect the character. In this respect, the vocalization is very important for movies. It is of particular importance that the voice in foreign language is original.

World famous voiceovers French Voice Over solutions!

My Produksiyon Voice Over Agency

Turkey 's most in Russia in one of the countries where shopping. Our relations with Russia are getting more and more outstanding every passing day and in this way, both countries in economic or social terms come together more and more. Here is the main reason underlying this communication.
The fact that Russian is the main language spoken in Russia causes difficulties in this communication. Russian Voice OverIn this sense, the provision of communication necessitates the use of Russian. Here is one of the paths preferred by all other units, including firms, vocalization. The main reason for not to break the connection between the two countries and to be continuous is dubbing.
Russian voice over is very preferred in our company. provide social and commercial relations between Turkey and Russia is possible in this way. It is possible to use these advantages in many services such as advertising voices of companies or callers of the Russian language. The voice you use in the voicemail is left to your choice. Our company offers the opportunity to use sound, male or children. After making your selection, our company is working with great care. Our most important advantage is the fact that the results will be positive. Two of the three voices that you can hear in shops, news, buses, metros, radio advertisements, advertisements or power plants are made by our company.

World famous voiceovers Russian Voice Over solutions!

My Produksiyon Voice Over Agency

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