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Today, the number of film watching is increasing. Films are sometimes intended to be published in their native language. One of them, the Uzbek language, is manifested in different media. Thanks to the voices, it is tried to create the feeling that the film is being watched in the mother tongue. In this way, viewers can easily learn about the film and understand events more easily.

The art of vocalization began to come to Istanbul from foreign countries in the 1970s. It has made great progress with films, cartoons, documentaries and series in original language. The art of dubbing, also known as dubbing, is practiced throughout the world with professional artists. The art of vocalization is defined as a color add to the voice of the person. Uzbek Voice Over artists nowadays show themselves in many areas from movies to commercials.

Speech in Uzbek LanguageSpeeches are the process of translating conversations in foreign films and series into other languages and assembling them into films. In addition to this, it is the process of displaying the speeches, music or sound effects in a notation with the help of the studio. This kind Uzbek Voice OverThis is the process in which people using Uzbek are able to understand films in other languages. The diction and emphasis of the characters played by the film actors are taken into consideration in order to perform the voice over. Therefore, it is a very important study because the voice act is seen as a description of the characters.

Uzbek is one of the Turkish written languages which is the continuation of Chagatai Turkish. It is a widely used language throughout Central Asia. Compared to other Turkish dialects and dialects in Uzbek, the influence of Farsi is very much seen. As Uzbek is a difficult language, it is a language that can create serious problems because it is tried to be pronounced by professional and native non-Uzbek vocalists. Uzbek vocalization Since the main purpose of the making is to understand the content of the film or the presentation, the voice actors are of great importance in such cases. Working with voice actors whose real language is Uzbek is more understandable. Therefore, voice recording is a job that requires professionalism. Voices As is the case in Uzbek voice, the director forms the basis of the work. The director is the person who started the preliminary work before coming to the studio stage. For this reason, he decides which role he will perform by watching the film.

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If the tone of the voice actor does not match the character's current state, the message given to the audience may not be fully effective. Therefore, the audience will not enjoy the film or film-like activity that they watched. After watching the movie and sharing the voices of the roles Uzbek vocalization Dialogue texts of the characters that are going to be delivered are delivered. This is the way voices begin.

Uzbek Foreign Language Dubbing DublajUzbek Voice Over While performing the Uzbek vocalization as well as the correct use of the language as well as preparing the rehearsal tape a few copies of the vocalization. Finally, in the band called the enter band, there are voices other than the vocal actors (automobile, footsteps, bird sounds, bumps) that make Uzbek voiceover in the film. The director then meets with the units in charge of the studios and determines the day and time of registration according to whether the studio is available or not. In addition to this, voice actors will be able to voice their voices in the studio where the roles of the actors will be recorded. Then the recording time is determined and the time is entered into the studio. Voice artists are asked to attach the headphones and make a voice over with the help of the texts. After dubbing and recording is finished, the dubbed film is given for publication after passing the necessary adjustments. These films, which aim to provide an enjoyable film to their viewers, are broadcasted in various media, including on television or on the Internet.

Uzbek Voice Over

Uzbek or Uzbek Turkish (O'zbekcha or O'zbek Turkchasi) It is one of the Turkish written languages which is the contemporary continuation of Chagatai Turkish. It is a Turkish dialect of the Turkish dialects connected to the Karluk group and is the official language of Uzbekistan. In Uzbek, the influence of Persian on other Turkish dialects and dialects is higher. As the number of Persian words is more pronounced, the influence of Persian is clearly seen. Famous harmony does not exist in Uzbek.

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