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How To Prepare An Advertisement Text?

Decide where the ad will run Your ad will run on your newspaper, magazine, website, or Facebook? Knowing where you plan to publish the ad will affect the way you write your copy. Find out the area around your ad space, including how much words you have, how big the font size will be, and whether to include graphics or videos. As a result, the traditional promotional style ad may spread to almost any environment, but you may need to make small fine adjustments to adjust it to the area you're advertising. If you are allocating quarters for full-page advertising in your local newspaper, a paragraph or similar [...]

How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

Nowadays, you can send an unlimited number of jobs in the professional free market and buy as many times as you want, and you will have the chance to choose the ones that won't force you to pay the most appropriate price for your budget. You invite qualified voice actors to your project selection and you pay only for hiring. All the vocalisation works until you are satisfied with your work are under unlimited revision guarantee. What is the voice fee? The vocalization fee, the budget and the vocalization project will be confirmed and the dubbing artist will perform the dubbing. This [...]

My Produktion Dubbing Agency 2018

Voice Over Agency & Voice Over Studio

Now, we are entering waters where everything is about choice, so the main goal should be based on not being rejected. Voiceover Agencies are very selective, but as we said before, there is a voice for every job and a job for every voice. Voicemail agencies are the people in this category who are frequently seen as individuals who hold the key to the kingdom and who make the voice of the industry, bargainers and talent developers. Find and find an agent is usually on the list of a voice actor after making a sound on the demo and before joining the association. To a broker [...]


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