How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

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How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist? Total reading time 3 minutes.

How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

Nowadays, you can send an unlimited number of jobs in the professional free market and buy as many times as you want, and you will have the chance to choose the ones that won't force you to pay the most appropriate price for your budget. You invite qualified voice actors to your project selection and you pay only for hiring. All the vocalisation works until you are satisfied with your work are under unlimited revision guarantee.

What is the voice fee?

The vocalization fee, the budget and the vocalization project will be confirmed and the dubbing artist will perform the dubbing. This fee is a one-time payment for the entire vocalization study, ie the total fee that the voice actor will receive.

How much do you charge? 2018 Fee List

How to Calculate Voice Fees

Depending on the medium in which the voice-over works will be published, the voice fee to be paid varies. For example: The budget of a local television ad and a national television ad is not the same, and another variable, the voicing fee, is different for these two channels.

In the table below, you can see 2018 international, voice actor prices. The international price list has been translated into Turkish Liras through US Dollar rate and the spreadsheet has been updated.

Speaking Fees

0 - 5 minutes
750 and less
5 - 15 minutes 750 – 2250
15 to 30 minutes 2250 – 4500
30 - 40 minutes 4500 – 6000
40 - 60 minutes 6000 – 9000
60+ minutes 9000+ 5000TL + (OFFER)


In general, flat reading studies, for example; TV commercials, corporate promotional films, radio advertising spots, radio jingle and dj jingle services, closed circuit radio, store radio, shop announcements and uninterrupted music broadcasting systems, IVR voiceover, central announcement and powerhouse vocalization fees or with its known name stamp prices based on the above list.

If we expand the issue a little more, now, television, radio, internet channels on the media such as how the earning is determined in the world? How much do the voice actors make in their own countries? Let's start with television commercials, as a result of local, regional and national advertising vocalization work of up to 30s.

Speaking Fees 2018

TV Advertizing Fees

Local 30sec
National 30sec


The prices in the TV advertising market this way, but here should not get the following results! The sounds that are familiar to us all in one place, like the popular TV show, the competition program host, we hear in the commercials, are working with higher numbers in line with their popularity.

Here are the figures in the table we offer you the base pricing offers. Especially in the '90s, private radios, which have attracted great attention in our country, are still an effective communication tool, although not in the old popularity, especially the most effective way to caress the brand awareness, and if you are ready, radio ad voice Let's see the charges.

Radio Ad Voice Fees

Local 30sec
National 30sec


Yeah, so was the radio adverts. We hope you have a useful post for all of you, if you have a plan to broadcast a radio or TV ad, you can start with this information that we offer you to plan this job, but remember, the more popular the voice actor is, the more expensive it will be.

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