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Seslendirme Sanatçısı Nedir? Nasıl Olunur?

Seslendirme Sanatçısı Nedir ve Ne İş Yapar?

  Seslendirme sanatçılığının sürekli yayılan bir alan olması nedeniyle her geçen gün bu alana olan ilgi artıyor. Siz de seslendirme sanatçısı olmaya ilgi duyuyor ama nereden başlayacağınızı bilmiyor olabilirsiniz. Bu işe olan başvurular konusunda kafanız karışmış olabilir ya da nasıl bir seslendirme sanatçısı olacağınız konusunda emin olmayabilirsiniz. Merak etmeyin, eğer bahsedeceğimiz önemli maddelere dikkat ederek iş başvurularınızı yaparsanız kolayca seslendirme sanatçısı kariyerinize adım atabilirsiniz. Seslendirme sanatçısı olmaya ilgi duyuyorsanız öncelikle bu alana dair detayları, sizi nelerin beklediğini ve nasıl başarılı olabileceğinizi [...]

League of Legends Turkish Dubbing Vocalization 2019

League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing

We always see the League of Legends characters and even play one-on-one in the game, and we hear the works of the great Turkish game dubbing done to these characters, right? The league of legends champions, who come up with their own style and gestures and which explain many things as an in-game scenario and portray them as mimics, come to life through their voices in this game voice actor project with a team of high-quality voice actors from each other. Have you ever wondered who has spoken these characters? League of Legends has been specially designed for Turkish players [...]


How To Prepare Audio Demo?

You've taken a lot of lessons, you're ready to meet with the dubbing agencies. Maybe you did this kind of conversation and didn't actually go as you expected. These interviews, the ground is open to questions and a person asking a terrible question about the demos and then the failure of the experience of a little failure, but this is not a failure, but this can not be a failure to say experience will be more accurate. After asking the question, the cavalry of the conflicting answers coming from different people will come. It's not their fault, it's a very stacked question. People's goals [...]

How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

How Much Money Can I Make As A Voice Over Artist?

Nowadays, you can send an unlimited number of jobs in the professional free market and buy as many times as you want, and you will have the chance to choose the ones that won't force you to pay the most appropriate price for your budget. You invite qualified voice actors to your project selection and you pay only for hiring. All the vocalisation works until you are satisfied with your work are under unlimited revision guarantee. What is the voice fee? The vocalization fee, the budget and the vocalization project will be confirmed and the dubbing artist will perform the dubbing. This [...]

My Produktion Dubbing Agency 2018

Voice Over Agency & Voice Over Studio

Now, we are entering waters where everything is about choice, so the main goal should be based on not being rejected. Voiceover Agencies are very selective, but as we said before, there is a voice for every job and a job for every voice. Voicemail agencies are the people in this category who are frequently seen as individuals who hold the key to the kingdom and who make the voice of the industry, bargainers and talent developers. Find and find an agent is usually on the list of a voice actor after making a sound on the demo and before joining the association. To a broker [...]

I Want To Speak

I Have A Nice Voice & I Want To Make Voice Over!

A question we hear every week ıza People say I have beautiful sounds, can you register with your agency and make a voiceover? Yes, you definitely need a good voice and a ton to make a voice. However, in addition to the fact that much more is needed. But what exactly? For their answers, we asked our Turkish and foreign voice actors and we share our answers with you. Analyzing and Comprehending Texts As you can see from the infographic above, understanding the script is the third most common answer. It is very logical and perhaps [...]

Istanbul Voice Over Agency

Istanbul Voice Over Agency

With the advancement of technology, appropriate technological data and appropriate methods are used in the voice-over works as in all areas. Intense and voice services as a whole, as well as a rigorous studies can be applied worldwide in large areas in Turkey and all the work can be provided in local or national media. My Production Voice Over Agency which provides services in many fields such as Foreign Language Voice Over, Production, Corporate Promotional Films, Central Announcement, Radio Advertising, TV Ad Speeches, News and DJ Promotion; In the light of recent technological data [...]


What is Animation Dubbing Voiceover? Who Can Do It?

What is Animation Voice? Some of the events of animals, plants, inanimate beings using the talking and the act of putting the animation can say. Animation vocalization is the articulation of the assets mentioned above and it is an art in its own right. The animation sound does not only depend on the sound capability. This work is done by the person who will perform the work and the actors forget that this is a voice actor. On the other hand, the animation can be up to the number of characters in the voice of a film. This shows that this process is not very easy. The technical information and memorization of the person who will do this [...]


What Is Voice Over Agency? What Does It Do?

Vocalization Agency is a company with professional vocalization and production studios and providing professional solutions with its voice actors. In order for an agency to become a voice over agency, it is necessary to have a team specialized in the fields of Turkish Voice Over and Foreign Language Voice Over. My Production Voice Over Agency produces voice mail solutions in 63 languages including Turkish. Foreign Language Voice over 63 different world language foreign language vocalization solutions My Prodüksiyon'le. We have listed the most popular languages for you in our foreign language vocalization page you are currently visiting 34 most popular foreign [...]

Advertising Voiceover

TV Commercial Movie Voice Over & Dubbing

In today's technology, the importance of television has increased. We learn a lot of things on television. We spend most of our time watching him. That's why people are highly influenced by this smart machine. The publishers who are aware of this are advertising advertisements for people. Thus, it can easily convey what it wants to convey to large audiences. A commercial film on television impresses many people and achieves its purpose. The company, which wants to introduce a product to people, is primarily advertising on television. Because millions of people watching the product will recognize and receive the product. Thus, the company's sales will increase in an instant. Advertisement [...]


Phone Announcements

Phone Prompt Voiceover

IVR Voiceover

English Voice Over

German Voice Over

French Voice Over

Voice Bank