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Technological IVR Voice Over

My Produksiyon Technological IVR Voice Over Tips

Today, the well-known big companies that are advertised in the central voiceovers as everyone's name IVR (Interactive Voice Responce) is very important for the people who listen to the voice and speech heard on the phone. As the ük My production ın company, we have reached the same level as the whole world and we have put the robot operator announcements in the past into history. All our central voices; We have carried out a voice response process with welcome announcements and music that we played for you not to get bored. IVR is an audible voice [...]

Istanbul Voice Over Agency

Istanbul Voice Over Agency

With the advancement of technology, appropriate technological data and appropriate methods are used in the voice-over works as in all areas. Intense and voice services as a whole, as well as a rigorous studies can be applied worldwide in large areas in Turkey and all the work can be provided in local or national media. My Production Voice Over Agency which provides services in many fields such as Foreign Language Voice Over, Production, Corporate Promotional Films, Central Announcement, Radio Advertising, TV Ad Speeches, News and DJ Promotion; In the light of recent technological data [...]


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