I Have A Nice Voice & I Want To Make Voice Over!

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I Have A Nice Voice & I Want To Make Voice Over!

A question we hear every week Her
People say I have beautiful sounds, can you register with your agency and do voiceovers?
Yes, you definitely need a good voice and a ton to make a voice. However, in addition to the fact that much more is needed. But what exactly? For their answers, we asked our Turkish and foreign voice actors and we share our answers with you.

Analyzing and Understanding Texts
As you can see from the above infographics, understanding the script is the third most common answer. It seems very logical and perhaps an obvious point. Anyone who has at least a secondary school education can understand a scenario, right? Yes and no. A voice over is paid to help you understand so well; You know why a sentence should be delivered quickly and why someone else shouldn't really be; When you need to add a feeling to a row and leave it to the listener.
Add spontaneity

Do you know that you can do a three-hour recording for an hour and a half?
As a voice actor, it starts with the fact that you are working by adding a bit of theatrical abilities in non-natural environments. Then what does it have to be? Experiment in a completely silent studio to hear your voice in the clearest way as if you were walking in the Mesala Belgrade Forest. Be sincere and convincing, like dir shop owner or parent of a child, as if you were sitting among your colleagues in an office. This not only requires a good sound, but also requires a good sense of empathy and acting.

Work like rap artists, Jay-Z recently admitted that he sometimes worked out exercises on a text for a month several times and then entered it when he completely believed and trusted himself. In daily life, especially for voice actors, all job opportunities are seen spontaneously. But then, we feel and feel under pressure, but with some professionalism we have to turn this situation to our advantage. We need to have a single keyword and focus on it, more practical and fully conscious of being ready for practice.

Reflect your intimacy in everyday life into your vocal work
Sometimes the points you need to work with sound can be very difficult and challenging. For example, you may be faced with a written written language that is not always suitable for reading aloud. Our voice actors, for example, give an example: 'We are in the increasing intensity of traffic.' This text can be seen in a project and we may need to voice it in this way in terms of the job, but in everyday life we say: this difference can be unprepared sentence structures in everyday life we can be convinced that we should give the voice of conviction.

The sentences can be very long, and this may adversely affect our tempo in terms of timing. It is your job to remove all your tricks and turn them into a perfect sound recording with a magical sound recording. As a voice actor, you can, of course, offer suggestions on how to formulate different things. However, most of the time during the recording, the quality of the scenario leaked (do not confuse the voice of voice actors), they often only use it to cover up their inexperience.

To present a monologue as a dialogue
We asked our foreign voice actors in order to get ideas and be objective, another skill that 66.3% of our voices talked about is dialogue. When we're new to sound, it's a very remarkable point bunu I've heard your voice samples like you're really there, and I like it very much uz yes, if you say this to a customer, you really have a successful voiceover demo. In fact, the most difficult part of the work actually means you are able to turn a monologue into a dialogue.

You can really realize this text in a truly flawless manner by working with a text and understanding who you are talking to. Even if the script is not written as a dialogue. In this way, you can feel that you are talking to people directly. A positive critique of the X factor, authority or personality in your voice will certainly help.

Remember, good sound, you can take direction.
According to 77.3% of our foreign voice actors: As a good voice, you need to be able to get directions. So what does that mean?
The overreacting of the voice has said that you must have every sensation in mind. Funny, mysterious and serious, from the role of a narrator as a sincere friend and the role of narrator should be able to switch quickly. In some cases it may be as funny and funny as a comedian, but you are still expected to be convincing with a convincing mind.

Just imagine and construct!
There is an A4 of at least 250 words ahead of you and the vocal director says: diy Yes, you're great, but you should put more emphasis here; and at the end of the sentence yes is not exactly the end but a little more please please. Do you fully understand the point I'm talking about? Well, let's try and get another one. Here at this point, what to do in the voice over and the microphone ahead of your mind and what you plan to do what you plan to do, and even try this in a vague dream and the next step in the way you imagine it in the way you imagine and complete the recording. A simple record can take a long time before everyone and a consensus is ensured. It is your role to take all the instructions on the ship and combine them all now and then. Keep in mind that it is easy to record something by resembling an existing example, but it is much more difficult to get a record that is not an instance before. That's why all this knowledge and experience is very easy for a lot of people to say that I have a nice tone and I can do it easily. All these points that we have mentioned and what we tell in this article also require years of accumulation and professionalism. If you think you have enough knowledge and want to take part in our team I want to make a voice. you can join our team. But if you still think you're at the top of the road, continue to work with dignity, discipline and perseverance.

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