Türksat 4A Uydusu Kürtçe Kanal Listesi (2020 Güncel)

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2020 Türksat 4a Kürtçe Kanalları Listesi Total reading time 2 minutes.

Türksat 4A Uydusu Kürtçe Kanal Listesi (2020 Güncel)

The channels broadcasting in Kurdish are not only watched by Kurdish citizens in our country, but also from our neighbors Iraq and neighboring countries, as well as Kurdish TV channels from many European countries including Germany, England, Netherlands and France.

As it will be remembered in our country Kurdish TV In the years when the channel process was first mentioned, we witnessed a very painful and violent debate and witnessed the country. However, as the number of channels made with the Kurdish language and satellites increased, the debates underlined seem to have been replaced by the dusty pages of history. TRT became the first institution that pioneered Kurdish TV channels in our country. The channel, which first started broadcasting under the name of TRT 6 (Şeş), was broadcasting in Kurdish and broadcasting in other languages spoken in our country. The current name of the channel is TRT Kurdi.

Today, the number of channels broadcasting in Kurdish on Turksat 4A satellite has increased considerably compared to previous years. We put together a list of satellite frequencies of Kurdish channels. Turksat 4A Satellite Kurdish Channel List You can reach the list of TV channels broadcasting in Kurdish, find out which Kurdish TVs are and use the TV frequency information on the list to watch these channels from Türksat satellite. This list we have prepared for you 2020 güncel Türksat Kurdish Channel Is list.

TRT Kurdi Frequency 11.096 Horizontal (H) 30.000 5/6
Zarok TV Frequency 12.605 Vertical (V) 27.500 5/6
Life TV Frequency 11.824 Vertical (V) 8.000 3/4
Waar TV Frequency 11.821 Horizontal (H) 17.000 3/4
Rudaw TV Frequency 12.729 Horizontal (H) 27.500 2/3
KTV Frequency 11.821 Horizontal (H) 17.000 3/4
Home TV Frequency 12.458 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4
Drop TV Frequency 11.509 Horizontal (H) 30.000 2/3

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