10 Points To Consider When Buying a Phone System!

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10 Points To Consider When Buying a Phone System!

It is often a challenging choice to get a quality plant that is special to your company. How to choose the right switchboard? What is the most suitable plant for your company? Here are the answers to all these questions we have combined for you in this article. When you are picking up a telephone exchange, we have summarized the 10 most important items to help you make this choice easier and help you find the switchboard device that best fits your needs.

1- Power Plant Domestic and International Capacity
The capacity (PBX) is divided into two lines as domestic and international lines. Domestic line power plant capacity refers to the number of subscribers within the company, while the capacity of the plant's external line refers to the number of lines used to establish connections with out-of-office calls. Before purchasing the power plant, it is important to review your internal and external capacity and to focus on the capacity plants you need. In a growing and growing business, make sure that this line is expandable (modular). In addition to telephone switchboards that offer modular expansion, the capacity increase in IP and IP PBX systems is much more flexible thanks to the interconnection of systems. For an enterprise that is developing and growing, IP systems with flexible features, technological interfaces and easy operation should be preferred.

2- Number of Users in Action Connected to the Central Unit
If you have a company with more locations, such as: head office, branches, stores, offices in different regions. You can make free calls between these locations by selecting the right switchboard. For this, Internet based IP bridge (VoIP) over the Internet with free access to the IP infrastructure systems should be preferred. Or the vendors working in the field with a different sampling, companies with intensive technical services, etc. the number of mobile users can reduce communication costs for offices and businesses to almost zero. By using even the most basic features of IP power stations, mobile users can provide free speech with the head office or among themselves.

3- Central Robot Operator (IVR Automatic Welcome Announcements) and Power Plant Announcement
The technological point of the power plant devices, which can not change a single feature, is the power plant Anonstur. Phone Announcementsrobotic operators, including pre-recorded welcome messages, off-site announcements, informative messages and application menus that callers can choose from with keys, are an effective way to highlight your company's corporate identity. If you are a company with overseas connections in line with the customer profile of your company, you can move your company to the international platform with the support of foreign language plant in line with your preferred languages. IVR and auto-greeting systems simplify the telephone and communication traffic to provide a more relaxed working environment for your employees and increase central operator performance. Calls that you cannot answer outside of working hours can also be sent via e-mail, if you wish, it can also be recorded as voice message in the central device memory. In this way, you never miss a message and you can listen again at any time.

4- Central GSM Terminal Integration
In addition to the conventional landline numbers used by the power plant, your GSM (mobile phone lines) lines can also be connected externally to the plant systems and thus offer economical solutions. You can benefit from the facilities provided by GSM operators and packages and tariffs offered for companies. In addition, all calls made by the LCR feature within the exchange are automatically made via the cheapest scheduled line (GSM line, Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom, Other service provider operator, etc.). With these LCR enabled devices, you can save your plant communication costs at the highest level.

5- Video Call and Voice Recording
Video phones, software-based telephones (such as 3CX or Asterix) that are frequently encountered in IP devices, especially remote devices, can be used for remote office, mobile users and video calls. allows you to communicate. You can shorten the decision making process on behalf of your company and save time with the support of the conference infrastructure in line with the limits supported by the switchboard device at the same time as the video conferencing feature provided by your power plant. The calls you make can be saved automatically by your switchboard system with the call logging function, which is used by almost all power plants in normal calls. Thus, customer satisfaction, backward archived infrastructure support and communication security at the same time are provided. Such devices provide additional benefits to your company for businesses in sectors that need to be quickly taken into consideration, for negotiations with customers and business partners, and for automated certifications.

6- Power Plant Integration and Peripheral Units
It is possible to integrate into e-mail, CRM systems, call center solutions, burglar alarm systems, camera security points, which are among the integrated features of your power plant. Let us explain with an example; With the services offered by today's security companies, you can now monitor the security of your workplace on your mobile phone or you can see your contact information on the CRM infrastructure again. With this integrated system, you do not create devices and cable crowds in your offices and you increase the benefits of the systems over the general power. You can use the existing network infrastructure without the need for extra cabling in IP plants. Telephone switchboards; telephones, fax machines, modems, mobile phones, tablets, projectors, smart office systems, conference devices and mobile PC peripherals. The most important point you should pay attention to is that your devices within the office support the standard communication protocols. For example, the SIP protocol. With this protocol, SIP-enabled power plant devices and iPhone, Android and Windows operating systems on your phone with a small software to install your mobile phone with your internal line wherever you go as if you can use the office.

7- Power Plant Management & Reporting
In call center devices, all call records and all registered users of the office or subscribers' call records can be kept. You can obtain analysis and reporting for the use of a switchboard device with call recording infrastructure and software, and to increase your service quality at any time, or to use it in trainings. For example, in your office you can check which employee has been in touch with which number, and if you wish, you can access the call log and get reporting.

8- Power Plant Security Level
In those days when we are using all the blessings of technology, if there is an unquestioned fact, then all kinds of data and information are of great value. IP power plants, working with the principle of providing communication with the Internet infrastructure, are an open target for attacks coming from outside. Although many IP PBX devices offer security software in their own right, a good security line should be established in the office and should be monitored with continuous reporting. When you choose IP PBX, it is an important point to be aware of for your security. This type of devices, when communicating in a software manner, provides encryption between two points, minimizing the risk of speech confidentiality and external attack.

9- Instantaneous Monitoring with Central Status Information and Message
Internal subscribers connected to the plant device minimize the tiring and extra attention points such as instant messaging, e-mail correspondence and information by dialing number. All correspondence, instant calls are recorded in the system's internal memory and synchronized with the exchange. For example: With the presence information feature, you can instantly check if your colleagues are busy or available, so that they can focus on their work without increasing unwanted divisions and distractions when they are busy and increase the efficiency of the company.

10- Performance Balance of Central Price
As in the case of every electronic status device, price-performance research should be done well in central devices and the most cost-effective product should be preferred for maximum requirement. There are 3 important points to consider about the cost of power plant equipment: Infrastructure cost, investment cost and cost to operation. When selecting your telephone switchboard, you can also choose an analog switchboard. Starting from this sampling, your initial investment cost will be low with the analog power plant device, or vice versa, and your initial investment cost will increase with an advanced IP-based power plant system. At this point, although the initial investment cost seems to be more in an IP-based switchboard, in fact, considering the future, you will save a considerable amount of operating costs and you will be able to pay the high price you pay with the savings. At the same time, internet-based IP exchange devices offer a visual advantage without cable interference in the office due to the lack of additional cabling costs. When purchasing central equipment, the price-performance analysis should be carefully analyzed and we recommend that you take at least 5-8-year periods into account, as it is not a short-term investment but rather a long-term office equipment.

We hope that the points we have provided have helped you before you started to purchase the device. Before you start to use the central system in your office and start using it, you can reach us for our voice announcing solutions. We are looking forward to introducing you to our professional brand solutions with the highest-quality (optimized) voice alarm solutions. For more information: Phone Prompt Voiceover You can visit our page.

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