Greek Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

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Greek Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

In the general sense, if the definition of the voice over, the speeches in the demonstration are created in a professional environment and adapted to the display. As it is a form of description that is literally personal, it has a great importance in representation. The fact that a character fully reflects his personality, diction and emphasis is very important. Film and advertisements, which have shown great changes from past to present, come to life with the contribution of many artists.

Since the period of Yeşilçam films in our country, there have been great developments in the art of dubbing. In the last decade, there has been a distinctive branch of art, especially with the revolutionary developments in the film and advertising sector.

Voiceover is performed in professional sound studios. The voices of vocal artists find voice and life in this studio. A professional overhaul of voice is the most important rule for a beautiful and effective voiceover. Otherwise the animated character can be artificial and bad voice. One of the rules which are indispensable for a good voiceover is that the voice actor has been trained. A voiceover without training can cause an extremely poor sound structure. Because the speeches of the artist who speaks the emotions correctly and speaks with the speeches of the character must be exactly overlapping.

The stage of realization of the voice-over is realized gradually and it is complicated. For example, in a German film made out of the original yut, a Greek voice over is required. There are many stages until this film is translated and performed and it is final. At the beginning, the movie will be performed by an authorized authority in the country, which is selected with the utmost care and expert in its field and capable of performing all kinds of films. However, they can also be selected if there are voice-over experts working in the foreground and concentrating on this area. The authorized person of the country who follows the film will identify the person who will perform the voice-over.

At the vocalization stage, the director is the most important person of the film because everything about the voice of the film is held responsible. For this reason, the director makes a preliminary study before the vocalization and determines who plays the role. In this process, which is also called cast extraction, it contains the backup voice of each role. The registration day should be an alternative to the unsuitable speaker. After the preliminary work, the original text of the film is given to the translator. Then slowly begin to take place in the studio work. It is important to have rehearsals, a pre-rehearsal of how the characters will be spoken in the tone. After this preparation is done, the necessary preparations are made for the real recording and the recording is done.

To be a voice actor you must first have a nice and characteristic sound and a good diction. In addition to this, although the graduates of the theater department in general can dominate the idea that many prominent artists in our country is not a graduate of theater. Although the sound quality and the beauty of the tone is not enough, it is very important to have diction training. Because it is vital that the sound comes out and understood correctly when the character is given life. Therefore, it should be educated for a certain period of time, the correct use of voice and words should be learned and the vocalization should be performed after the application skills are gained.

In the course selection, it is advantageous to prefer the studio ones, which can be used for vocalization. It may not always be possible to take large vocal roles immediately when the training is over. Instead, characters should be revived in smaller sections and hopes should not be lost. As it is known, many famous voice actors started by just saying a few words at first.

Greek Voice Examples: Greek Voice Over

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