Which Languages Includes The Other Foreign Languages?

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Which Languages Includes The Other Foreign Languages?

The world is so large and we are aware that as we are aware, there are a lot of things on this world that we don't know yet. Like languages. Languages are the voice of a nation that sheds light on its continuation. That is why languages have to exist and live, but some languages are in danger of extinction and some languages are assumed to be extinct. Yes, we need some answers when there are so many languages. Which languages are known and unknown? Compared to many spoken languages, other foreign languages are not preferred. So why? According to research, there are 4000 languages in the world but most of them are unknown. Well, why some languages are known throughout the world other foreign language voice over is not known and preferred? We will examine the answers to such questions.

People and researchers generally prefer the preferred and spoken language around the world when they want to learn a language. As we know these languages in general; It consists of English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese. Well, this is other foreign language voice over What languages do you cover? Wintu-Nomlaki, Arikapu, Andoa, Central Sierra, Mescalero-Chiricahua Apache, Awakatek, Baldemu, Anambé, Akuntsu, Ayapanec, Mawayana, Hupa, Woria, Jingulu, Ainu (Hokkaido), Chorotega, Ava-Canoeiro, Alawa, Jawoyn, Kanakanabu , Chung (Cambodia), Bara, Kuku Yalanji, Ngarluma, Onondaga, Pacahuara, Southwestern Tlapanec, Chamicuro, Dumi, Ongota, Liki, Tanema, Njerep, Chemehuevi, Lemerig, Kaixana, Taushiro and, finally, Wagiman. used.

As you can see, there are a lot of languages used by very few people. Although the world is divided into two known languages and unknown languages, there are languages that are not preferred, but also known. And which languages are known in the world, but which are known? For example, Korean, Vietnamese, Persian and Greek. Although these languages are spoken little by people, it is not possible to say that there are people who prefer these languages when it comes to learning or learning languages. Because in today's world everyone has an interest or purpose to do something. This is other Foreign Language Voiceover As they are not known all over the world, people do not come close to these languages unless they do not work or are curious. There is a saying that language is the mirror of a nation's culture, and you will certainly understand when you examine it, which represents the culture of that place. There are around 4000 languages in the world and some are known and some are not known. The most interesting is the languages that are not preferred but known. When there are languages so well known by everyone, the answer to the question of why others are not preferred We explained that we are trying to know the languages. Some languages speak to very few people, and because they are mutually disagreeable, they are moving towards extinction. In fact, many people without looking at the world in general without their own interests, and other unknown and known and prefer to go to learn the language of languages and perhaps other foreign languages which are the mirror of our culture is not condemned to lead.

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