Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Which Languages Includes The Other Foreign Languages?

The world is so large and we are aware that as we are aware, there are a lot of things on this world that we don't know yet. Like languages. Languages are the voice of a nation that sheds light on its continuation. That is why languages have to exist and live, but some languages are in danger of extinction and some languages are assumed to be extinct. Yes, we need some answers when there are so many languages. Known and unknown languages [...]


What is Foreign Language Voice Over? How to?

Foreign Language Voiceover is one of the services offered by My Prodüksiyon which is a voice over agency. The world's most talked about and preferred languages are the most widely accepted languages, including diplomatic correspondence, accepted by corporate firms. For 20 years, My Prodüksiyon has always been offering the highest quality productions to its customers and the foreign vocalization services offered by the company are the leading languages in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and Persian. Foreign Languages and Voice Recognition Levels of Recognition in the World so [...]

Czech Voice Over

Czech Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

The Development of the Concept of the Czech Vocalization and Voice The sound is the vibration waves that people can hear with their ears which are sensory organs. The sound waves are mechanical in contrast to the waves emitted in the space such as electromagnetic waves that do not require any environment to spread. The waves formed by the changes in the compression and the expansion of the vibrations from the sound source in material environments such as air, water and wood are waves of sound. Live creatures can be handled in three different categories: non-living creatures and sound sources in nature. Thunder, wind are natural sound sources. The people [...]

Bulgarian Voice Over

Bulgarian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Bulgarian Voiceover and Dubbing Best Names Where to Find? Bulgarian is one of the languages of the Indo-European family of languages connected to the South Slavic languages. Bulgarian is one of the languages of history. IX. If we look at the alphabet of the Bulgarian language written in the 20th century, we see that it uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet was formed with the inspiration of the Greek alphabet. If we look at the culture from neighboring Bulgaria and Turkey, and also be based on the past and continues today in Bulgaria - Turkey is similar to our culture because of the condition of migration. Also [...]

Bosnian Voice Over

Bosnian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Professional Bosnian Vocalization and Announcement How? Language is one of the most effective means and the most important means of communication between people, enabling them to communicate and communicate with each other. Through a learned language, a person can express his or her thoughts and concerns to people in front of them. Through language, people have always contributed to the development of technology and humanity by communicating with each other and transmitting what they know to tomorrow. If it wasn't for the language, we would still continue to live like it was in the old days and not improve ourselves. For this reason, language is one of the most important communication tools of today [...]

Azerbaijani Voice Over

Azerbaijani Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Talking to Azerbaijani Close to Our Language! Man recognized the sound first. He turned what he thought into sounds. He used the voices to communicate with his own kind. He gave meanings to the sounds he made, and ensured continuity. In human, this ability stems from his desire to communicate. Language has an important place in the development of human communication. In time, each people began to use their own language. Of course, the richness of the language used makes it much more meaningful to convey what is desired to the other side. Expression of feelings and thoughts of individuals using verbal communication method [...]

Albanian Voice Over

Albanian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

What is Professional Albanian Voice and How is it done? From the moment they existed, living things have always been able to communicate and communicate with each other. The most intelligent being in the world of living and having the ability to speak is the only living creature capable of expressing himself and improving himself thanks to his language. Mankind could not attain the present level of development if the mind was not capable of expressing itself through language. Because the existence and development of civilizations is a fact that provides effective communication. From past to present, countless civilizations have ruled in different geographies of the world. From the first person [...]

Korean Voice Over

Korean Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Culture is the whole of science, thought, morality, education and art of a nation or a community. Language, in general terms, is the means of transmitting thoughts and thoughts directly or indirectly. Language is technically divided into three. These; language of instruction, spoken language and written language. The language of movement is the expression of self by gestures and gestures. The language of speech is the form of voice communication that one establishes with another and is the most used in everyday life. The language of writing is that a country speaks of [...]

Kurdish Voice Over

Kurdish Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

We are here to voice your projects that you want to use for your desired purpose. Speaking is known as adding another sound over the main sound of an image taken on any subject or item, or adding sound over an image taken silently. However, the voice recording is not limited to the image. The main purpose of the vocalization is the use of some information or commodities in any language or in other languages [...]

Polish Voice Over

Polish Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Making a variety of images such as series, documentaries and films with the richness of speech and summarizing the voices can be seen as a main element in some subjects that make us feel in many places today. For example; Voices are made in many languages and languages. More dubbing is used in these. The voice-over process, although it does not appear in the eye, emphasizes the characters played by the film actors and is taken into consideration when it comes to diction. Translating conversations in foreign series and films into Turkish [...]


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