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So, you decided to add a professional English voice over to your project, and the Power of the Power of the Operator asked you to write a screenplay. What do you have to do? A script consists of the text that the PowerPoint Announcement Artist will save. The way you write the script may, to a certain extent, affect the way that the Powerhouse Announcement reads and affects the cost of your project in the long run. For example, let's get the following script: Example Voice Command and additional readability issues. Problems with a script can be divided into the following categories: Readability, Direction, and Technical Requirements. A Powerhouse Speaker, in a single session [...]


What is Foreign Language Voice Over? How to?

Foreign Language Voiceover is one of the services offered by My Prodüksiyon which is a voice over agency. The world's most talked about and preferred languages are the most widely accepted languages, including diplomatic correspondence, accepted by corporate firms. For 20 years, My Prodüksiyon has always been offering the highest quality productions to its customers and the foreign vocalization services offered by the company are the leading languages in English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and Persian. Foreign Languages and Voice Recognition Levels of Recognition in the World so [...]


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With the developing technology of today, the innovation of the brands and the race continues. Turkey's most preferred since many years and Karel known as one of the respected central brand, innovative vision, everyday technological infrastructure, and with research and development (up to the banking system from SMEs) and produces PABX equipment to almost every size and scale of the company. The first thing that comes to mind when the telephone switchboard device is mentioned is whether we prefer a brand of a quality company and then a professional power plant announcement [...]

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Do you need English voiceover & dubbing? Seeking the most professional voice artists, known as Turkey's best voiceover agency, My productions are waiting for you with reasonable price guarantee. Ad Voice, Central Audio, Promotional Movie Voice Over, Store Voice Announcement, News and Perforated Voice, Jingle Voice, Selection Voice, Animation Voice Over, E-Book Voice Over, DJ Jingle Voice Over, Facility Announcement Voice Over, Voice Message Voice Over, Medical Voice Over, Documentary Voice Over Contact us for our sponsorship solutions, IVR Voiceover, Training Movie Voiceover, Central voiceover solution. View our references Language, our life [...]


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