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TRT1 Ad Price List

TRT1 Advertising Price List (2018 Actual)

Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), on behalf of the state radio and television broadcasts in order to realize the 01 May of 1964, was established as an autonomous legal entity with a special law. With the constitutional amendments in 1972, the institution was defined as a ”neutral kurum state-owned enterprise. In 1984, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of 1982 it has been revised Turkey Radio and Television Law. After 1986 the satellite, the emergence of private television broadcasting for Turkey, TRT has removed its monopoly over television broadcasts lasted until 1990. It has a lot of state facilities behind it and only [...]

Star TV Ad Price List

Star TV Ad Price List (2018 Actual)

Star TV, which is one of the largest and most watched channels in the country, manages to attract different audiences with the programs it broadcasts around the clock. Especially after the evening news with the quality series and programs on the screen in one day is one of the most watched channels throughout the whole day. With 7 days 24 hours of uninterrupted service, it offers programs on behalf of different audiences every hour. For all these reasons, different programs every day are under the aim of Star TV [...]

ATV Ad Price List

ATV Advertising Price List (2018 Actual)

ATVs, turquoise Media Group is one of the national television channel broadcasting in Turkey at the site. All national channels broadcasting in Turkey, is often come to the fore with a series of films. Metin Ergen is the successful executive director of the channel. ATV, which is among the biggest channels of the country, is able to connect with many different and quality programs that it publishes every day and also with its many quality series, it can reach to quite a lot of viewers every evening. This large and high-quality channel, which starts with breakfast news, especially in the early morning [...]

TV 8,5 Advertising Price List

TV8,5 Advertising Price List (2018 Actual)

One of Turkey's youngest TV channels perhaps one of the most dynamic in the history of Turkish television channels under the leadership of the Acer Ilıcalı successful programmer TV8 television channels and shown as one of the channel's jardeş TV8,5! TV8.5, the brand new channel of Acun Ilıcalı, has included many other programs and programs. TV8,5 channel broadcasting on Türksat 4A started broadcasting on the same satellite, replacing Shop 90 channel. So, what is the information on TV8.5, where every information about survivor is available? [...]

Kanal D Advertising Prices 2018

Kanal D TV Advertisement Prices (2018 Actual)

Channel D owned by Aydin Dogan, Dogan Holding's on-site bar and is a national channel which broadcasts in Turkey. On 16 September 1993, the test began broadcasting. Normal broadcasting started on December 19, 1993. Series and films are usually published in the channel. Until that time, 84 domestic and 13 foreign series were published. In 2009, Turkey has achieved the title of the most watched channel. Channel is broadcast in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The channel was established by Aydın Doğan and Ayhan Şahenk. The channel is broadcasted in Europe under the name Euro D. 2018 year [...]

Show TV Advertisement Prices 2018

Show TV Advertisement Prices (2018 Actual)

Show TV, along with Show Radio, was founded in 1 March 1991 by Erol Aksoy, Dinç Bilgin and Haldun Simavi in France. started with this slogan. On March 1, 1992. Launched in Turkey. Tarafından Main News Bulletin ', which was not published in the first periods of its publication, started to be presented by Mehmet Ali Birand on March 2, 1992 for the first time after months. The channel began to broadcast to Turkey in March 1992 has entered into a publishing real understanding. Show TV is a term sister channel [...]

Fox TV Advertisement Prices 2018

Fox TV Advertising Prices (2018 Actual)

Established February 24, 2007 by News Corporation Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox TV, a television channel which is being broadcast in Turkey. TGRT, which is one of the broadcasting companies of İhlas Holding, handed over broadcasting and naming rights, and the language of the language that started its publishing life is Turkish. As of 2013, Fox Tv's headquarters is in Zeytinburnu, addressing its target audience with the motto 'The Screen of Our Family 2013. All the channels that can be viewed through the normal channels brother antenna in Turkey Fox Life, Fox Crime and has extensions such as Fox Sports. On Teledünya [...]

TV8 Advertising Prices 2018

TV8 Advertising Price List (2018 Actual)

one of Turkey's most successful young TV channels under the leadership of Ilıcalı Acer television programmers in the history of Turkish television perhaps one of the most dynamic channel. TV8 started broadcasting as a news channel and in 2003 it changed its format and logo and joined the entertainment channels. TV8 has changed from 16th September 2013 to 16: 9 widescreen format. Since September 2014, all programs in Acun Media have been moved to TV8. He also purchased the Spanish King's Cup and the Italian Cup. At 1 pm on September 1, 2014, it changed its logo, generics and slogan. Same [...]


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