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Astra Satellite Channels List 2018

Astra Satellite Channel Frequency List (2018 Actual)

Astra, the largest satellite in Europe, employs Astra communication satellites that deliver approximately 1100 digital radio and television broadcasts to over 91 million households through 176 transponders in Europe. It was founded in 1985 as the Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) and was the first private satellite operator in Europe. The slogan is, uydu The world is your satellite Sl. Astra 19.2 ° is the orbit that belongs to Ses Astra. Astra 1KR, Astra 1L, Astra 1M and Astra 1N satellites are located at 19.2 ° East longitude. SES [...]

Professional Powerhouse Advertisement

How to Prepare a Professional Phone Prompt Announcements

The first impression of your customers about your company is important. Whatever your industry is, potential customers are constantly sizing you to attain the essence of what you're really interested in. And this is not specific to business interactions. People constantly make assumptions about each other according to their other characteristics and behavior. Psychologists call this implicit personality theory and, simply put, we assume that people exhibit other characteristics that are linked to the basic characteristics we perceive. For example, if your server in a restaurant throws you through your order without having a chat chat, your friend's friend or, in particular, [...]

Perfect Voice

Be A Perfect Voice Over (10 Tips & Tricks)

Voice translation can be intimidating regardless of language or market. But with the right preparation, you can relax the process for your educational videos, television ads, radio spots or multimedia projects, and create very successful localized voice alerts. Top 10 tips to help you achieve a flawless voice with local appeal in your target language markets: 1-) Identify Your Voice Would you like to convey happiness, expertise, excitement, or professionalism to every language market? Decide whether the tone of your voice changes according to each language market. For example in the United States, enthusiasm and hyperbola are quite [...]

Apply for voice

I Want To Speak

If you like acting and you think you have a unique voice, this may be the right career step for you! In the voice over sector, as a Radio TV Programmer, Dubbing Artist, Theater Actor, Sport Announcer or Newscaster, or if you are not working yet. You can take part in our team by filling out the form below for vocal applications. By evaluating the form you will send us [...]

Power Plant Texts

How to Prepare Phone Announcement Texts?

Plane Announcement Plan your texts! Leave the rest to us! Centralized Announcement You can easily customize your texts for your company by examining the examples in this document. In the next stage, you should choose your background music and speaker voice to contact us! Support Line: 0850 500 00 20 Display Callout Text Instances in PDF! Compatible with all kinds of power plants, funding and holding music! Call Center Announcement, Call Center Announcement, Call Center Announcement, [...]

Practical Voice

What Are The Practical Voice Over Techniques?

The video is growing in exponential proportions today. Companies and individuals can now easily access a global audience through low-cost platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and even Twitter. With this global video consumption, there is a demand for both voice and dubbing depending on the video type. Let's start by answering these questions. 1-) How is the practical voice-over? 2-) What is the difference between voiceover and dubbing? 3-) When and why should we use dubbing or voice over? What is Voiceover or Voiceover with a globally known name? Sometimes called the] UN style ”voiceover, [...]

Power Plant Announcement Representative

How Do Phone System Agents (Representatives) Works?

Your company's IT Help Desk is a high-octane engine that powers your workforce and supports your customers. To achieve the highest performance as a company, you need to have your IT Help Desk and central announcement representatives as quickly and effectively as possible. However, the larger your organization, the more difficult it is for your representatives to resolve their queries in a timely and satisfactory manner. Especially when multilingual communication needs arise. The more markets your company is expanding, the IT Help Desk and your caller announcement representatives are more likely to require interpretation solutions. North [...]

Dubbing & Translation Subtitling Agencies

Dubbing & Translation Subtitling Agencies

Think about all the multimedia assets your company has created over the last few years. e-learning courses, Product videos, Marketing videos op Most yops were created with a labor or even blood, sweat and tears. And most of them are highly effective in communicating with your current audience. Of course, most of them are also poorly equipped for resonance with audiences in the new language markets. You can't rewrite, rewrite, reboot and re-edit it - it's probably not a Star Wars movie with a Disney wallet. But you understand the power of video and the need for effective translation. Example: Employees overwhelming [...]

Translation Transcription Subtitle

How To Do Translating & Transcription Subtitling?

It refers to the translation of the voice dialog within a video format, such as subtitle and audio, film, TV show, online video. Subtitle means to put a written translation of the voice dialogue on the screen simultaneously with voice. Check out our blog post in the subtitle for some examples. It is also called voiceover, as it is spoken or globally, which means changing the spoken dialogue (in most cases) with a simultaneous spoken translation. Should we choose Subtitles? Generally, it is a stylistic choice. However, because the subtitles appear on the screen, if your video is ”busy“ (it can handle dubbing [...]

Freelancer Voice Over

How To Become A Freelancer Voice Over Artist?

We heard them in movies, cartoons, commercials, everywhere ini People behind the screen give their voices to the screen, objects or people under the title of dubbing. The invisible heroes behind the scenes act as voice actors. Yes, in this article, we will talk about the emancipatory expectations as voice actors and what can be done to have a stable and profitable career. Freelacerlik service brings the sectoral experiences to the employers even more professionally in line with the growing society. Previously the voice over sector [...]


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