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Phone System Announcements Technical Terms

IVR & Phone Systems Technical Terms

Operator Announcement Technical Terms ANONY (Announcement): The recorded oral message to the callers. REAR OFFICE (BO - Backoffice): The section where the unanswered calls in the first contact are processed and the customer is returned. Abandoned Call: If the caller is included in the queue with the customer representatives, the caller hangs up before reaching a representative. Answered Call: A system that, when referenced to a group of delegates, is considered to be answered when a call arrives at a representative. Call (Transaction) or Customer Contact: Phone calls, video calls, web and other types [...]

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

Central Announcement Samples We would like to welcome you with our corporate examples. In case you cannot prepare the text of the plant, our company provides support in this regard. We are with you with all kinds of central voiceover solutions including the IP telephony that responds to the latest technological needs. Our professional announcement writers, announcements to your needs according to your requirements as appropriate to offer you the announcements. In the announcement of power plant announcements, our professional voice actors prepare our announcement scenarios that will be harmonious with your needs in accordance with your needs and you will be informed about these announcements [...]


Phone System Recording Samples

You are looking for a voice call for your company and you don't know where to start. Then, in order to prepare the announcement of the power plant in a planned manner, you should start by preparing the announcement that you think is the most suitable for your company. What are central voiceover examples? Examples of central voice over are the exemplary welcome announcements prepared by My Prodüksiyon for the center voiceover service, out-of-business announcements, transmission announcements and informative announcements, and sample texts that will help you prepare the station announcement. Power plant comparison texts search engines [...]


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