IVR & Phone Systems Technical Terms

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Phone System Announcements Technical Terms Total reading time 3 minutes.

IVR & Phone Systems Technical Terms

Phone System Announcements Technical Terms

Announcement: Recorded oral message to callers.
REAR OFFICE (BO - Backoffice): In the first contact, the unanswered calls are processed and the customer is returned to the customer.
Abandoned Call: After the caller is in the queue where the customer representatives are in the queue, the caller hangs up before reaching a representative.
Answered Call: A system that, when referenced to a group of delegates, is considered to be answered when a call reaches a representative.
Call (Transaction) or Customer Contact: Phone calls, video calls, web and other types of contacts.
CALL Answer Rate: The ratio of calls received by a customer representative to the total number of calls received by the customer representative.
CALL CENTER COMPUTER APPLICATIONS: A system that integrates and integrates with each other, allowing simultaneous operations of different scopes.
CALL CENTER CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE (Agent): The person handling the incoming and outgoing calls (customer service representative, telephone sales and service representative, representative, employee, staff consultant, engineer, operator, technical staff, client manager, team member, customer service professional, other names such as experts) .
CALL CENTER / Call Center: Kişi Communication management systems iletişim in which institutions are coordinated with tüm human, technology, business processes and strategy kan in which they manage “interactions strate with people and / or institutions that they are in contact with and through all communication channels Kurum.
ACW-After-Call Work: The roll-up or post-call process (refers to jobs that need to be done immediately after a transaction type and immediately after that, which can often be data entry, filling out forms, or making external calls, while the customer representative cannot answer another incoming call).
CALLING THE CALL (Mute): In case of mandatory cases (coughing, sneezing etc.), the customer representative uses the keystroke that the customer cannot hear the sound (not waiting for the customer).
Extension: The short number of the phone number of the customer representative.
EXTERNAL SEARCH (Outbound): Sales, complaints, information, satisfaction, questionnaires, information updates, etc. for certain activities to reach the customer through the phone to the customer representative.
Calling Out (Agent Out Call): A call to the outside performed by a customer representative.
TOTAL CALL (Offered Call): After the entry point of the plant, the total number of calls received by the customer representative or the total number of calls that cannot be answered according to the dialing result.
Hold Time: The total amount of time the customer is held on the line after the call has been met by the customer representative.
ISCO: International Standard Occupational Classification.
FCR - First Contact Resolution: The ratio of calls to total calls that are not created more than one request in a given time in the first contact.
INTERACTIVE INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM (IVR): A system that allows the exchange of information and transactions by dialing or voice guidance on the phone.
OSH: Occupational Health and Safety.
TALKING TEXT (Script): In the interviews conducted on the telephone, it is expected to discuss the interview texts prepared with the aim of providing services with a certain standard and quality (customer representatives are expected to meet with the customers by adhering to these texts).
Talk Time: The amount of time a representative spends with the caller during the call (includes the time between ”hello haba and (bye süre).
Login ID: The number that the customer representative uses to log into the call center system.
TAIL (Queue): A list of things that are waiting to be processed on a system (for example, e-mail messages), while waiting for callers to remain idle.
AVERAGE CALL RESPONSE SPEED (ASA - Average Speed of Answer): All answered Phone Prompt Announcements the speed at which calls are diverted by answering the total number of missed calls before answering.
AVERAGE TIME (AHT - Average Handle Time): The average phone's playing time, average talk time and average call post for a given time period.
AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTOR (ACD - Automatic Call Distrubitor): A programmable device that automatically answers, queues, distributes calls, distributes delay announcements, and provides simultaneous and historical reports of all these activities, whether it is a stand-alone system or a network, LAN, or PBX. it may occur as an ACD settled into it).

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