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My Prodüksiyon which is the industry's leading vocalization agency in Central Announcement, Central Voiceover and IVR Voice Over is a necessity for companies. it enables you to deliver to your customers. In particular, the companies that sign the subscription agreement and / or the use of the Internet through a telephone or virtual environment through a telephone or service, and the use of personal data [...]

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Top 10 Telephone Exchange Brands Businesses have more options than ever before when it comes to phone systems. Whether it's a voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), in-house, cloud-hosted, or a completely virtual system, businesses can now choose from hundreds of options. With this wide choice, finding a suitable phone system for your business can often be a difficult attempt. The first questions to be answered are whether you want the type of telephone connection you want to have landline, VoIP or virtual and the system to be hosted on the premises or in the cloud. The company [...]

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Top 10 VOIP Switchboard & Phones (2018 Updated)

Top 10 VOIP Switchboard & Phone Finding an office VoIP phone solution that suits your business needs is becoming a bit more challenging with so many options you're experiencing. However, this is also an advantage. Many leading manufacturers in the telecom industry are now focusing their efforts on IP phones, making sure to find a solution that meets your budget and includes the most useful features for your business. Our expert team has carefully examined the best VoIP phones available from leading suppliers such as Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, and a broader range of [...]

How to Create An Effective Announcements On Phone System?

How to Create An Effective Announcements On Phone System?

Voicemail recording professionals give life to many text voices throughout the day. Human voice is considered to be more complex and problematic than many other voices. While we have a pretty good idea of most instruments; Since human voice does not have constant frequency values and varies, it is easily deformed and distorted. Each individual has a unique tone, quality and behavior. The discrepancy in the pronunciation, variations, lip smears, breathing and high air pressure emissions, called ve plosives,, quality [...]


10 Points To Consider When Buying a Phone System!

It is often a challenging choice to get a quality plant that is special to your company. How to choose the right switchboard? What is the most suitable plant for your company? Here are the answers to all these questions we have combined for you in this article. When you are picking up a telephone exchange, we have summarized the 10 most important items to help you make this choice easier and help you find the switchboard device that best fits your needs. 1- Power Plant Domestic and International Capacity Capacity (PBX) is divided into two lines as domestic and international lines within the power plant. Internal [...]

Phone System Announcements Technical Terms

IVR & Phone Systems Technical Terms

Operator Announcement Technical Terms ANONY (Announcement): The recorded oral message to the callers. REAR OFFICE (BO - Backoffice): The section where the unanswered calls in the first contact are processed and the customer is returned. Abandoned Call: If the caller is included in the queue with the customer representatives, the caller hangs up before reaching a representative. Answered Call: A system that, when referenced to a group of delegates, is considered to be answered when a call arrives at a representative. Call (Transaction) or Customer Contact: Phone calls, video calls, web and other types [...]


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