How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

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How Should Be The Phone System Announcements? Total reading time 7 minutes.

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

How Should Be The Phone System Announcements?

We would like to welcome you with our corporate examples of Central Audio Voice Center. In case you cannot prepare the text of the plant, our company provides support in this regard. We are with you with all kinds of central voiceover solutions including the IP telephony that responds to the latest technological needs. Our professional announcement writers, announcements to your needs according to your requirements as appropriate to offer you the announcements.  Phone Announcements Reading Our professional voice actors in our business are preparing your announcement scenarios that will be harmonious with your needs in accordance with your needs and we present to you іhtіyаçlаr from the reading of these announcements.

We are also pleased to welcome you to the most suitable and compatible ѕantrallеs in the cities of Ankara, İstanbul and many other cities. Do not worry about the preparation of central voiceover text. The expert ekіbіmіz will give you unlimited support in this regard. Here is an example of a soundtrack that can be used as a reference for you:

Phone Prompt Voiceover, welcome. If you already know the extension number, please call. If you don't know, please wait to connect to operator, 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounting, 3 for Technical Support.

Phone Prompt Voiceover, welcome. We're out of business hours now. Our working hours are between 09-18. Thank you for calling us.

In general terms, these announcements can be customized according to your needs. In terms of announcements, Mr. and Mrs., with a staff of prominent voice actors in each language, especially in English, Phone Prompt Announcement Agency My production is in Turkey and has a very strong list of references with the solutions offered by the most recognized corporate brands in the world.

The world's leading air transport companies, tourism companies and hotels, as well as serving almost every country in the world, many important brands and institutions were made by the announcement services. If you want to get more information about this, you can browse our references and your brand may be included in these references. In the 20th year, with the professional work force has become the sector sought My Produksiyon Dubbing Voiceover Ageny We are presenting you with high quality productions in all existing power plant formats. You can contact us to get free support for text annotation text preparation.

What We Need to Consider About Central Vocalization

- Our vocal text is clearly prepared, dictation is smooth (without any articulation problem) and corporate voice tone expert, diction and effective speaking by trained artists.

- The amount of funds or holding music levels to be used is not higher than the voice of the voice voice actor.

- Audio recordings in the format of codecs compatible with the exchange device.

Switchboard announcement You should have reviewed the samples prior to order by asking your central technical service.

- Evaluate the adaptation of the power plant announcement and the voice announcer of your choice to the selected background music. For example: It is important to note that the audio of your announcement is very serious and the background music is not very lively.

- Make sure that all of your departmental IDs (departments to be connected) in your switchboard welcome text are the departments that customers want. For example, if a customer looking for you from abroad can go to an internal language that doesn't speak English, this may put you and your company in a difficult position.

- Make sure to keep a backup of your power plant records in a USB memory or portable hard drive. Central devices electronic devices are in the case of deletion of these announcements will always benefit your backup.

Phone System Robot Machine it is important to keep the same person reading and the overall integrity of all the announcements. When waiting announcements, power plant announcements and off-call announcements are different, it will give you insecurity to cater to the waiting person with constantly changing sounds. You should also specify that you need to keep waiting for announcements when you create your plant announcements.

- Support line, call center, call center, telemarketing, IVR voice response systemIn addition, the company provides technological announcements, holding music, background music, voice mail and many other support services. Phone Announcement Recording Always listen to the sample demos before you take out, get comments from your central technical service, prepare a corporate record by asking what your power plant can do.

Central Vocalization Provided by Your Company

- Plant announcements are very important for increasing the efficiency of the power plant operator. It is also a service that reduces cost and increases efficiency for customer service or call center solutions that receive intensive calls.

- Call center lines or customer representatives to help other customers in moments, while waiting for other calls to sort them by traffic is a great convenience. At this point, Central announcements, Central waiting music and the central voiceover service are put into service, thus relieving the burden on call center companies and increasing work efficiency.

- In addition to the Turkish station announcements that will run smoothly, the most preferred foreign language central voiceover works are: English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Persian, Portuguese and a total of 63 foreign language announcements. You can globalize your company and strengthen your corporate brand identity with the announcement of the announcement in the foreign language plant.

Phone System Voice Over Fees

- Central Audio Before you get the price for your work, you should inform us by preparing the announcements of the plant in writing. After you have prepared and sent these texts to our company by e-mail, we deliver the sample voices and works of our dubbing artists who may be suitable for your plant text.

- If you give us your preference for the sound that best suits your company, we offer you the price of the central voiceover as an offer. Central Advertisement Our experienced team will help you.

- Our vocalists will make healthy presentations to you with professional results that will help you get happy results in a short time. First of all, we deliver our demo voices. If you approve, we will forward our voices.

What is Virtual Switchboard?

Our age is the age of information and technology, so to keep up with the technological developments, and the technological improvements that we offer to us should be preferred and used especially if it provides economic improvements. For example, power plants with IP infrastructure that accommodate the latest technological equipment (IP Switchboard) are preferred because of the fact that they reduce the costs, increase the workforce and be economical. IP exchange The devices with the substructure carry the audio data over the internet and perform the same function with the more suitable budget.

If you need virtual power plant solutions and announcement voiceover support, My Production, which is in its 20th year in the sector, brings you value to your corporate brand with professional voice actors and background music with economical solutions. With our specially designed codec architecture for every kind of brand and model, the highest sound quality and the most recognizable vocal points virtual switchboard We are preparing your work.

We provide you with the highest quality productions by preparing the announcements of the reception in the foreign language plant in 63 languages especially for our male / female voice actors.

How to Prepare Virtual Voice?

Plant preparation wizard After you have prepared your center dubbing texts, you have taken the first step for your work. if welcome text If you can not prepare our professional text writers will forward to us in accordance with your department department IDs will provide you with the most appropriate and appropriate announcements.

- We are continuing the steps of determining the voice according to the language options of your power plant text. We offer you examples of our voice actors. Among the foreign language central voice over, especially in English, the central dubbing and Arabic central dubbing, English is a global language.

- Following the approval you will give us, the announcement will be performed with a professional team and a voice actor in the studio environment.

- After you pass this record we will ask you if there is a point to be corrected, if not, the musical process begins. The power plant background music and power plant music are mixed with each other by a voiceover study prepared in this step.

- If you do not have a power plant that you have used yet or if you have not yet selected a virtual power plant company, we will advise you at this point and forward it to our partner companies to get the highest quality service.

Central Welcome Texts must be simple and understandable

The central reception texts should be prepared carefully so that the callers cannot be caught in the waiting phase and they should be connected to the internal line they want to reach quickly. The two terms which are often confused in our country voicemail and text refers to different terms. At this point, you must separate these two terms from each other. Once again, it is worth to renew, your central announcements should not contain mixed expressions and expressions and should be easily understood by your customers.

The shorter and clearer the announcement texts that you will use in your central system, the faster your operation will be, and even your waiting customers will have an infrastructure that will not confuse you or even shorten the waiting times. For this reason, all the central text that you will use in your Switchboard device should be short and the message should be clear. It is a known fact that the more you serve your customers, the shorter your brand value will be. At the same time, it is useful to make a small reminder for call centers and call centers. With the regulation made by ICTA, the customer service numbers of the institutional IVR companies underline the point that the announcements at the point of waiting and generating solutions are short and understandable.

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