In-Store Radio & The Announcement Solutions

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In-Store Radio & The Announcement Solutions

In today's merchandising approach, while providing perfect service, unconditional customer satisfaction is essential. There are some important points in your store to give you peace of mind and to avoid any negativity during your customers' visit. For example: Hygiene, cleanliness, spacious ambient odor, ventilation, safety elements and no doubt that a beautiful store music broadcast and store announcements sales representatives who welcome customers with smiles. Store announcements It is important for you to direct your customers to announcements and discounts. We offer you fast and economical solutions for instant discounts, campaigns, surprise prizes, sweepstakes and much more. So, what kind of stores would the store prefer to announce? What is the purpose with store voiceover? When is it done? How should it be done? Let's start by answering questions like what are the advantages.

Store announcing (in-store announcements), various stores, shopping centers own special product price discounts, campaigns created on that product, with certain music, or sometimes repeated music, with certain intervals, is to emphasize. For example, we heard the most of the markets. The reason why he has music most of the time is the positive reflection of music on the human soul.

Let's be a shopkeeper and let's make a store call (store announcement). There's music in the background playing in the market, and I'm starting to announce the sound and I'm starting to announce the price of the product; get the most used food oil in our preferred product, yağı Dear customers, 2 lt Komili olive oil is 10 pounds, while currently 6, 99 pounds with our campaign. ”Like. A separate staff member is assigned to store announcements.

Store Announcement Why is it necessary?
Let's talk about it in a little bit. As it is known, all large and small enterprises need advertising. One of these ways is store voiceovers. Still, while many types of advertising have serious costs, the store voice spans the broader coverage and the cost is quite low and more memorable. Let's say that even a product that is not needed when going to the market can be given a special discount. Even if it is not needed at the moment, the product will be used for later use. Having music is also giving customers a separate energy, mobility of store voiceovers.

How to prepare a store voice?
Businesses can prepare this themselves, but just because there are professional agencies that have made this business profession. Working with these agencies will be more healthy and efficient. High sound quality may not be achieved if desired. Cd installation, scratching, breakage may be encountered. One of the advantages of Mazağa vocalization is that more time and energy is consumed in other advertising efforts, and this is faster and more efficient in the store voiceover. Again, with the voice of the store, the company increases the value of the company.

Store announcing The person who will make the store should be correctly set up with the target audience. Although women are generally selected, male employees can be assigned to this job. It is very important that the diction is performed in a smooth, clear and comprehensible level with an effective tone. In other words, for the prestige of the store that makes up the content, it is of particular importance for the prestige of the store. The company should give customers confidence in these announcements and encourage them to shop with peace of mind.

Some stores may want to choose people who make public announcements and are known to the public. She could be a famous actress and actress. Although this may be more memorable, the cost may be slightly higher. This is entirely up to the desire of businesses. They prefer more well-known large-scale businesses. The end result is a budget-related situation. Sometimes companies prepare their content themselves and may want to do so. This is a separate preference.

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