League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing

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League of Legends Turkish Dubbing Vocalization 2019 Total reading time 6 minutes.

League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing

It's always great to see these League of Legends characters and even play in one-on-one Turkish dubbing game We hear the work, right? The league of legends champions, who come up with their own goodies and gestures and which explain many things due to the in-game scenario and portray them as mimics, make this play voice they come to life with sounds in the project. Have you ever wondered who has spoken these characters?

While the League of Legends localized the Turkish players in a special way, we tried to focus on all the points in the game carefully and tried to stand on the points that will increase the enjoyment of the players. There is no doubt that the dubbing vocalization activities that give life to the League of legends champions are one of the key points. The game also uses the cast team and the most crowded voice actors in Turkish dubbed plays.

League of Legends Turkish Dubbing Artists
Players also come to the League of Legends with their Turkish support. Especially in the recent period, the fun of the local media, which also takes place in social media, makes the League of Legends world a much more colorful atmosphere. In the meantime, the game has a surprising and ambitious lines, but to avoid the surprise, we leave you to discover them. League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing His work was completed in a short time such as 1, and he was especially admired by the Turkish audience who played the game.

Who is singing the Champions in the League of Legends Vocalization Squad?
Would you like to know the names that give life to League of Legends with their voices?
If you're ready, let's start!

League of Legends Turkish Dubbing

Anlatıcı1 View Gülen's Full Profile Brian Sommer
Anlatıcı2 Murat Kosova Brian Sommer
ARAM1 Contact Emin directly Harlan Hogan
ARAM2 Erhan Abir JS Gilbert
Aatrox Contact Kaan directly Ramon Tikaram
Ahri Elif Acehan Laura Post
Akali Figen Sumeli Laura Bailey
Alister View Kerem's Full Profile Harlan Hogan
Amur my View Funda's Full Profile Cristina Milizia
Aniva Bouquet Irtem Nathalie Siermann
Annie Beliz Kobanbay Cristina Milizia
Ashe Esra Baycan Melissa Hutchison
Aurelion Sol Mazlum Kiper Neil Kaplan
Azir Can Gürzap Travis Willingham
Bard Contact Mehmet directly Sergio Basques
Blitzcrank Contact kutay directly Duncan Watt
Brand Contact Hakan directly Anton Wladzjek
Bram Contact Engin directly JB Blanc
Caitlyn More professionals named Elif Erdal Kirsten Potter
Camilla Contact Zeynep directly Emily O'Brien
Casseopei to Contact Berna directly Karen Strassman
cho'gath Lütfi Birses JS Gilbert
the Core Contact Emin directly Ralph Manstrom
Darius Victory Diper Chuck Kourouklis
Diana Contact Nurkan directly Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Dr. Mundo View batat's Full Profile JS Gilbert
Draven Contact kutay directly Erik Braa
Ekko Contact Ahmet directly Antony Del Rio
Elisa View Serpil's Full Profile Karen Strassman
Evelynn Contact Zeynep directly Mara Junot
Ezreal Kerem Kobanbay Daniel Amerman
Fiddlesticks Payidar Tüfekçioğlu Payidar Tüfekçioğlu
Fiore View Serpil's Full Profile Micha Berman
Fizz More professionals named Elif Erdal Karen Strassman
Galion Contact nuvit directly Brynn Khalil
gangplank View Cem's Full Profile Josh Petersdorf
Gangplank M1 View Zafer's Full Profile Matthew Mercer
Garen View Ozgur's Full Profile Jamieson Price
GNR Contact Mert directly Lucien Dodge
Gragas View Kadir's Full Profile JS Gilbert
Graves View Cem's Full Profile Kyle Hebert
I hec View Deniz's Full Profile Scott McNeil
Heimerdingen is Tugay Erverdi D. Collins Johnson
the Illao Contact Arzu directly Rolonda Watts
Ireli to Esra Baycan Cherami Leigh
Iverni Contact Altan directly David Lodge
Janne View Seda's Full Profile Erin Fitzgerald
Jarvan IV Tolga Tibet Kyle Hebert
Jax More professionals named Mehmet Güler Erik Braa
Jayce View Gökhan's Full Profile Trevor Devall
the Jha View Murat's Full Profile Quinton Flynn
Jinx More professionals named Elif Özkaya Serena Williams
 kai's to Selay Taşdöğen Misty Lee
Kalista View Turu's Full Profile View Turu's Full Profile
Mixed View Funda's Full Profile Rashida Clendening
Karthus Contact Arın directly Adam Harrington
you Kassai View Ali's Full Profile Adam Harrington
Katarina Beril Senvarol Tara Platt
Kayla Contact Pelin directly Lisa Lindsley
Kayne Mr. J Robbie Daymond
Kayini's Darkini Rhast Oğuz Toydemir Sam A. Mowry
Kennan Bergen Coskun Matthew Siena
kha'zix Emre Törün Dameon Clarke
Kindred View Atilla's Full Profile Marcella Lent
Kled View Beyti's Full Profile Spike Spencer
kog'maw View Akay's Full Profile Patrick Seitz
LeBlanc Nazan Diper Carrie Keranen
Lee Sin View Ali's Full Profile Vic Mignogna
Leone Contact Alayça directly Wendee Lee
Lissandr to Bedia Ener Jennifer Hale
Lucien Sungun Babacan Patrick Seitz
Lulu More professionals named İlkgül Kaya Faye mata
Luxor Contact Berna directly Carrie Keranen
Malphit to View batat's Full Profile TJ Storm
Malzahn is Kerem Kobanbay Vic Mignogna
the Maoka Contact Fatih directly Jay Preston
Master Yi Tugay Erverdi Micha Berman
Miss Fortune Contact Canan directly Greg Chun
Mordekais is Contact Aydogan directly Adam Harrington
Morgana Contact Canan directly Rebecca Schweitzer
Nami Contact Derya directly Cassandra Lee Morris
nasus Tolga Tibet Jonathan Adams
Nautilus Nur Subaşı Lisa Lindsley
Neeko View Işıl's Full Profile Flora Paulita
Nidalee to Bouquet Irtem Kelly Fosdahl Burge
Nocturne More professionals named Mehmet Güler Jason Wishnov
Nini More professionals named İlkgül Kaya Jason Wishnov
Olaf Emre Törün Logan Margulies
Olaf M1 Contact Ince Heather Pennington
Orianna Figen Sumeli Heather Pennington
Ornn Contact Hakan directly TJ Storm
Pantheon Emre Törün Gavin Hammon
Poppy Contact Zeynep directly Kate Higgins
Pyke Contact Mustafa directly Contact Mustafa directly
Quinn Begüm Kobanbay Megan Renea
Rakan Yekta Kopan Ronan Summers
Rammus Contact Ince Contact Ince
the rek'sa Contact Yonca directly Melanie Stevenson
the Renekto View Kadir's Full Profile Patrick Seitz
Renga is Contact Fatih directly Jason Simpson
Rhaast Oğuz Toydemir Jason Smith
Riven View Seda's Full Profile  Cristina Valenzuela
Rumble Fatih Özkul Mark Meier
Ryze View Galip's Full Profile Sean Schemmel
NEW SeJuice Elif Acehan Nicki Burke
Shaco Contact Murat directly Adam Harrington
Shen View Galip's Full Profile Keith Silverstein
until Shyv View Müge's Full Profile Karen Strassman
Singed View Murat's Full Profile Dameon Clarke
Sion View Tarkan's Full Profile Scott McNeil
Siver Contact Çisil directly Rebecca Schweitzer
skarn is Payidar Tüfekçioğlu David Lodge
ending Contact Pelin directly Erin Fitzgerald
Sorak to Bergen Coskun Lisa Lindsley
Swain Contact Mustafa directly James Faulkner
Syndr to Contact Canan directly Patrick Dors
Tahm Kench Contact Erdal directly Pat Duke
Taliyah Contact Selen directly Erica Lindbeck
talo Lütfi Birses Travis Willingham
TARIC Contact Aydogan directly Yuri Lowenthal
Teemo Contact Derya directly Christine Joenna
Thresher View Hasan's Full Profile Aaron Johns
Tristana Beril Senvarol Elspeth Eastman
trundle View Kerem's Full Profile Joshua Tomar
Tryndamer to Erol Eren Brian Sommer
Tryndamere M1 Contact cihan directly Owen Thomas
Twisted Fate Erol Eren Doug Boyd
Twitch Contact Murat directly JS Gilbert
Udy is Contact Hakan directly Paul M. Guyet
Udyr M1 View Emir's Full Profile Gavin Hammon
Urgot Taylan Atlıhan Nika Futterman
varus View Deniz's Full Profile Gavin Hammon
VAYNE Icon Nalbant Icon Nalbant
Veigar Kerem Kobanbay Kerem Kobanbay
vel'koz Contact Mert directly Erik Braa
VI More professionals named Elif Özkaya Cia Court
Viktor View Tanju's Full Profile Owen Thomas
Vladimir View Murat's Full Profile Gavin Hammon
Volibe is View Tarkan's Full Profile Patrick Warburton
Warwick Contact Fatih directly Brian Sommer
Wukong View Ozgur's Full Profile Spike Spencer
Xayah View Olcay's Full Profile Kevin M. Connolly
Xerath View Tanju's Full Profile Michael McConnohie
Xin Zhao View Burak's Full Profile Richard Epcar
Yasuo View Rıza's Full Profile Liam O'Brien
Yorick Victory Diper Albert Smith
Zac Haldun Doğrusöz Markus Alter
Zed View Oğuz's Full Profile Donny James Lucas
Ziggs View Ozgur's Full Profile Aaron Johns
the Zilea Nur Subaşı Lisa Lindsley
Zoe Contact Zencan directly Erica Lindbeck
Zyra Contact Nurkan directly Karen Strassman


League of Legends Sound Effects How to Prepare?

League of Legends only in-game vocalization work and does not care about dubbing. Because in addition to the championship in the game, the effect sounds and even play promotion videos many voices up to the voices in the sound is approaching carefully and is very important. This wonderful game, which uses natural sounds in the sound effects of the champions, also attracts attention with the sound effects that are sometimes prepared on a seaside, sometimes in the studio environment and sometimes on the computer, and when this happens, an exquisite play emerges with unique sound effects. If you want to know how the sound effects of the game are recorded, there is a video below that shows you how these effects are prepared. We hope you enjoy.

League of Legends Sound Effects

Play Online Dubbing


The Girl Who Voices All of the League of Legends Characters!

As you can see, League of Legends plays this popular game in Turkish with a very serious casting, but in the last period there is a girl who is often talked about in social media. The LOL fanatic girl has captured a great popularity on social media, and the video she shared has received about 6 million views since the first game of the game. Elspeth Eastman and the League of Legends dubbing vocalization work.

League of Legends Champions

Social Media Talking This Girl!

League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing konusunda bize oy vermek ister misiniz?


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