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League of Legends Turkish Dubbing Vocalization 2019

League Of Legends Turkish Dubbing

We always see the League of Legends characters and even play one-on-one in the game, and we hear the works of the great Turkish game dubbing done to these characters, right? The league of legends champions, who come up with their own style and gestures and which explain many things as an in-game scenario and portray them as mimics, come to life through their voices in this game voice actor project with a team of high-quality voice actors from each other. Have you ever wondered who has spoken these characters? League of Legends has been specially designed for Turkish players [...]

Voice Over Studio 2019

How To Make Noise Isolated Studio?

The anechoic rooms we know now use sound insulation as well as humidification components to create extremely quiet areas. These materials are large enough that they do not need the egg box material, and often require a lot of room for sound insulation. Quantum Mechanics A new material was discovered using quantum mechanics. A researcher led by Sebastian Huber, a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and a theoretical physicist, is a new kind of silent sound insulation based on the behavior of small subatomic particles [...]


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