In-Store Voice Over Announcements Increasing The Sales!

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In-Store Voice Over Announcements Increasing The Sales!

According to a research by eMarketer, the rate of smartphones used in the United States for shopping is 82%. According to another study by Google, 42% of smartphone users are looking for products while in the store. In other words, smartphone users can carry their smartphones when they go to a store to shop, and smartphones can also be used for shopping inside the store. For this reason, stores need to expand and update their perspectives on mobile commerce.

Mobile applications are different from mobile or desktop websites, and with the help of some technologies, it can be determined whether the owner of the smartphone with the mobile application is in the store. In this way, we may make various offers to the buyer or find out if the buyer needs help in the shopping experience in our store. In order to make the experience of customers using smartphones in the store more enjoyable, efficient and profitable, stores can use some tactics. Let's take a look at three of these tactics:

1- Using the map in mobile application
Especially in stores that sell a wide variety of products, customers are more likely to try to find a product. In-Store Announcements It is proved that the products and promotions made with the customers are more remarkable in terms of customers and also increase the sales. Customers cannot always find a sales assistant, and many customers prefer not to be involved in sales assistants. Clients want to get on their own, and smartphones have the potential to make it extremely easy to achieve.

Stores can add detailed maps to their mobile applications, showing the shelves of a product or even on which shelf. Target stores, which have a wide range of products, state that smartphones are the most used items in consumers' daily lives and that the commercial mobile application increases their sales.

Here, stores need to pay attention, using the maps themselves to check the accuracy rate. The store that intends to launch a maped mobile application should promote this map and provide information about how users can benefit from the map.

2- Offer mobile coupons, promotions or discount offers
In 2014, 560 million people worldwide benefited from mobile coupons. This amount is likely to increase in the coming years. For example, Target's only Cartwheel app with mobile coupons has been one of the most used applications in the field of mobile commerce. With the help of location-based technologies, the owners of the smartphone that includes the store application can be identified when they enter the store and offer offers according to the department where the user is located. For example, a person standing in a cologne shop can be offered a 20% discount voucher in colonial.

It should be noted here: For mobile coupons that can be used at the checkout, only optical scanners that can read codes on the smartphone should be used instead of laser scanners that read barcodes. The stores that plan to produce mobile applications should also know this.

3- To give the game a fresh air to make shopping fun
Shoe Carnival's shoe company's mobile app travels through a server and allows a funeral-like Savings Wheel to be translated, where customers in the store can get discounts. Here, if a certain amount of wheel stops in the discount compartment, the customer buys his shoes at discount rate.

Applications that can attract users 'attention, really work and make users' shopping experience fun can increase in-store sales. Here, the smartest thing that stores can do is to have a place in people's minds as a akıllı store with pleasant, abundant discount, fun or useful shopping Burada.

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