Türksat 4A Sports Channels List (Updated 2019)

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Türksat 4A Sports Channels List (Updated 2019)

In our country, we have put together a list of sports channels broadcasting on Turksat 4A satellite. For those of you who follow and follow the sports broadcasts, you can easily access the channels you follow through this list, which provides you with easy access to these channels. Türksat 4A Satellite Sports Channels under the sports broadcasting TV channels in Turkey and the frequency of these channels can be easily reached from the following table.

sports channel broadcasting in Turkey as to know those who remember the start gave the start to broadcast BBC Sport's life. The fact that NTV Spor had a very serious interest in this process brought the other sports channels to start broadcasting one after the other and the competitive environment. In general terms, we can talk about the existence of a sports channel which is almost all of the largest national channels broadcasting in Turksat 4A. Türksat 4A Satellite Sports Channels You can easily access the frequency information with this list. This list we have prepared for you 2019 year as of Türksat Current Sports Channels Is the list.

TRT SPORT HD Frequency 11.054 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4
NTV SPORT HD Frequency 12.015 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
A SPORT HD Frequency 12.054 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
TİVİBU SPORTS HD Frequency 11.853 Horizontal (H) 25.000 3/4
SPORTS TV Frequency 12.345 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4
TAY TV Frequency 12.245 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
GS TV Frequency 11.676 Vertical (V) 24.444 3/4
BJK TV Frequency 11.676 Vertical (V) 24.444 3/4
FB TV Frequency 12.345 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4

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