Türksat 4A Çocuk Kanalları Listesi (2020 Güncel)

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2020 Türksat 4A Çocuk Kanalları Listesi Total reading time 1 minute.

Türksat 4A Çocuk Kanalları Listesi (2020 Güncel)

Turkey's national satellite Türksat 4A now broadcasts many children's channels and children-specific publications. Türksat 4A child channels frequency listWe have put together a list for our followers who want their children to have fun as well as learn about educational programs. Children's channels have shown a significant development in recent years especially after the technological developments in Türksat 4A and the use of satellite devices in our country's TV users. Nowadays, many children's channels on the satellite broadcast programs that appeal to children.

It is worth noting that the TV channels, which are not only in our country but also in the world, are among these TV channels. If you want your child to spend time with fun and instructional programs during the day Türksat 4A frequencies of children's channels from our list, you can access the list of TV channels broadcasting on children in Turksat satellite TV frequencies You can watch the broadcasts of the channels on your satellite device. We prepared for you Child Channels in Turksat 4A 2020 yılına ait güncellenmiş listedir.

Planet Children Frequency 11.558 Vertical (V) 30.000 2/3
Minika GO Frequency 12.054 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
Minika Children Frequency 12.054 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
Disney Channel Frequency 12.423 Horizontal (H) 30.000 3/4
TRT Child HD Frequency 11.054 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4
Cartoon Network Frequency 11.977 Horizontal (H) 27.500 5/6
Kidz Animez Frequency 12.089 Horizontal (H) 4.400 5/6

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