Ministry of Health Antibiotic Use Central Reception Announcement

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Ministry of Health Necessary Antibiotic Use Central Reception Announcements Total reading time 3 minutes.

Ministry of Health Antibiotic Use Central Reception Announcement

As a project of the Ministry of Health, the ıl Rational Antibiotic Use Media Campaign ın was launched to reduce unconscious antibiotic use! In order to prevent unnecessary antibiotic use, public spots, central announcements, visuals and internet videos were prepared. All these preparations were made for a single purpose, avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics Tüm

As My Production, we congratulate the Ministry of Health and all of its employees, who are the most important organization that protects the public health of our country and which are taking care of the health of our country, especially our Minister of Health, Mr. Fahrettin Koca. completely free of charge for use by the rational use of antibiotics and rational antibiotic use video production We support our ministry with our infrastructure until the end.

Ministry of Health

Public Spot on Antibiotic Use

According to data of the Ministry of Health, it began to see a decrease in utilization rates by increasing awareness in Turkey with a high frequency of antibiotic use. Especially in the last 5 years, serious progress has been made in terms of awareness. Turkey number of antibiotics used in the tick box 218 million in 2011, in 2016 this figure went down to 195 million, a decrease of 23 million boxes.

In 2011, 11 pounds of 100 pounds for the drug was spent on antibiotics, while in 2016 6 pounds were divided into antibiotics. In 2011, antibiotics were present in 29 of the 100 prescriptions, while 35 of every 100 recipes received antibiotics.

Examples of rational drug use

1-) Use of unnecessary injection.
2-) Use of unnecessary and inappropriate vitamins.
3-) Unconscious food supplement and use of herbal products.
4-) Drug-drug interactions and neglect of food-drug interactions.
5-) Unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Rational Antibiotic Use

Infectious diseases are important in terms of public health and an area where success is achieved with appropriate antimicrobial treatment. In addition, infectious diseases, both in the community and in the hospital, cannot be treated as a result of the use of irrational antimicrobial treatments, and perhaps the patient is lost. Suitable antimicrobial therapy; survival, complication and chronicity prevention, disease severity and duration is important in terms of shortening.

Ideal Antibiotic Use

For ideal antibiotic use; correct diagnosis after correct diagnosis; in the most appropriate way, at an effective dose, at optimum intervals, at the appropriate time. For the correct use of antibiotics, the existence of a microbiologically proven bacterial infection should be questioned. Antibiotics are not used properly in cases where the antibiotic is used without infection, the antibiotic dose is inadequate or the dose is too high and the dose intervals are inappropriate. Choosing an antibiotic with a higher cost and a new efficacy instead of a known antibiotic, the use of more than one antibiotic at the same time, and the use of antibiotics not suitable for the culture result are examples of inappropriate use of the antibiotic.

Let us use more conscious antibiotics!

Antibiotic resistance has become an important health problem all over the world. Infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria result in increased disease and mortality rates and prolongation of the time spent in the hospital and also cause an increase in treatment costs. The use of antibiotics may lead to the change of normal bacterial flora in humans, which often leads to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and side effects such as diarrhea.

Rational Use of Antibiotics

Rational Antibiotic Usage Central Reception Announcement Download


We need to increase our awareness as a society about using antibiotics correctly to prevent the development of resistance to antibiotics, which is our most important weapon against bacterial infections. If we don't stop today, it might be too late tomorrow!

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