Karel Phone Systems & Voice Over Solutions

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Karel Phone Systems & Voice Over Solutions

With the developing technology of today, the innovation of the brands and the race continues. Turkey's most preferred since many years and Karel known as one of the respected central brand, innovative vision, everyday technological infrastructure, and with research and development (up to the banking system from SMEs) and produces PABX equipment to almost every size and scale of the company. It should be questioned whether we prefer a brand that belongs to a quality company that comes to mind first when we call the telephone switchboard device and then whether we have a professional voice announcing announcement. You can carry out the professional robot filling of your Karel exchange devices with us safely. All the Karel Power Plant announcements we have prepared are optimized for the highest sound quality and performed in a professional studio environment.

We are giving voice to all Karel models.
MS26, MS38, MS42, MS48, MS128, DS200, IPV10, IPV20, IPV50, IPG500, IPG1000, Karel brand all IP and analogue model center for the power plant we are making dubbing. Professional Studio Recording for your Power Station Announcement power station announcement wizard and start composing with call center voice actor By making your choice, you can offer professional power plant welcome message and centralized announcements to your customers.

Refilling the robot at Karel power plant
My Prodüksiyon, which has been offering professional robot filling service for years, focused on the highest sound quality of all Karel branded devices, prepares the highest quality power plant voices for all Karel power plant devices. It beats.

Professional voice announcing
For 20 years, we have been offering solutions with the quality and experience of our company, which offers solutions with the brand My Production in the voice over sector for over 20 years. We work with professional voice actors, professional voice actors who will prepare your company's central announcement voice calls and provide unlimited revision guarantee to you with our professional power plant solutions. You can catch the base from the moment your central operator says the first Alo.

Karel English Central Advertisement
My voice over agency, which provides corporate solutions in 63 languages, offers a call center announcement in 63 languages, My Production Karel English Central Announcement, Karel German Power Plant Announcement and Karel French Power Plant Announcement. If you need a foreign language announcement for your Karel brand exchange device, you can reach us quickly and get professional foreign language plant announcements.

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In addition to IPV10, IPV20, IPV50, IPG500, IPG1000 and IPG1000, which are the Karel brand's IP models, you can also define power plant background music and power plant waiting music. You can also add a background music. You can review our samples for our central fund music solutions and define your favorite music to your work.

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