Turkish Radio Channels Frequency List (Updated 2018)

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Turkish Radio Channels Frequency List (Updated 2018)

Based in Istanbul and according to its types; Arabesque, Fantasy, Thematic Karma, Religious Broadcasting, Culture and Arts, Foreign music, Turkish pop, Mixed Music, Turkish Music, Turkish Folk Music, Games Weather, News, Sports, which broadcasts in Sufi music style of Turkey's most current radio station we list the frequency list with you. All of these radio stations of all genres and categories radio channel frequency list information you can learn from the lists below and share with us as a reference.

The frequency information of local, regional and national radios broadcasting in the Marmara Region is also included in these lists. Many radios İstanbul Radio Frequencies Since the Marmara Region frequencies are the same, our list is prepared without repetition. At the same time, you can easily access all the radios of our list on their website with one click. 2018 year radio channels list as follows;

87.5 Drip FM Local Arabesque & Fantasy
87.7 Traffic Istanbul Local Thematic
88.0 Radio 34 Local Arabesque & Fantasy
88.2 TRT Radio 3 National Foreign music
88.4 Lalegül FM Local Mixed Music
88.6 İstanbul FM Local Indigenous Music
88.8 A Haber Radio National Mixed Music
89.0 Joy Turk FM National Pop
89.2 Alem FM National Mixed Music
89.4 CRI Turk FM Local Mixed
89.6 The Voice of Anatolia Local Foreign music
89.8 Show Radio National Mixed Music
90.0 Radio Viva National Mixed Music
90.2 A News National Indigenous Music
90.4 Haber Türk Radio National News
90.6 Radio 2000 Local Arabesque & Fantasy
90.8 Super FM National Mixed Music
91.0 Radio Alaturka Local Turkish art music
91.2 Slow Time Local Turkish pop
91.4 TRT Radio 2 National Mixed Music
91.6 Radio Nur Local News
91.8 The Voice of Istanbul Local Mixed Music
92.0 King FM National Arabesque & Fantasy
92.3 Lig Radio Local Mixed Music
92.5 CNN Turk Radio Local News
92.7 Bloomberg HT Radio Bölgelsel News
92.9 A Sports Radio National Mixed Music
93.1 TGRT FM National Mixed Music
93.3 Aral FM Local Mixed Music
93.5 TV Net Radio National Religious Publication
93.7 Radio FG National Foreign music
93.9 Media FM Local folk music
94.1 Police Radio National Mixed Music
94.3 Radio Ekin Local Turkish Games
94.5 Musk Radio Local Foreign music
94.7 King Pop National Turkish pop
94.9 Open Radio Local Foreign music
95.1 Country Radio Local Mixed Music
95.3 Slow Turk National Mixed Music
95.6 TRT Radio 1 National Mixed Music
95.8 Bayram FM Local Religious Publication
96.0 Lounge O2 Local Foreign music
96.2 Radio Axis Local Foreign music
96.4 Cem Radio Local Mixed Music
96.6 Directional Radio Local Culture, Folk Songs
96.8 Moral FM National Religious Publication
97.0 Fenerbahce FM Local Mixed Music
97.2 Metro FM National Foreign music
97.4 Diyanet Kuran Radio National Religious Publication
97.6 Radio Traffic Marmara National Mixed Music
97.8 Meltem Radio National Mixed Music
98.0 Kent FM Local Nostalgia
98.2 Black Sea FM Local Mixed Music
98.4 Best FM National Mixed Music
98.6 Number One Turkish National Turkish folk music
98.8 Star Plus FM Local Arabesque
99.0 Pal FM Local Mixed Music
99.2 Pal Nostalgia National Foreign music
99.6 Zemzem FM Local Religious Publication
99.8 Power Turk National Mixed Music
100.0 Power FM National Foreign music
100.2 Power Love FM Local Foreign music
100.4 Radio Phenomenon Local Mixed Music
100.6 Joy FM Local Foreign music
100.8 Sound of the City Radio National Arabesque & Fantasy
101.0 Power Pop National Foreign music
101.2 Samarkand Radio National Mixed Music
101.4 Kent FM National Turkish art music
101.6 TRT Tuning National Russian News
101.8 Radio Mega National Mixed Music
102.0 Radio Color Local Foreign music
102.2 Seyr FM Local Religious Publication
102.4 Number One FM National Foreign music
102.6 Religious Radio Local Religious Publication
102.8 NTV Radio National News
103.0 Meteor FM National Mixed Music
103.2 Special FM Local Religious Publication
103.4 TRT Radio 4 National Turkish folk music
103.6 Radio Light Local Foreign music
103.8 Radio Rhythm Local Foreign music
104.0 Radio D National Turkish pop
104.2 Radio Traffic Local Thematic
104.4 Our Radio Local Mixed Music
104.6 Radio 7 National Mixed Music
104.8 Pal Nature Local Mixed Music
105.0 Erkam Radio National Mixed Music
105.2 Vav Radio Local Mixed Music
105.4 Haber Türk Radio National Mixed Music
105.6 Baba Radio Local Mixed Music
105.8 Bosphorus FM Local Arabesque
106.0 Pal station Local Foreign music
106.2 Virgin Radio Local Foreign music
106.4 RS FM The Voice of Russia Local Nostalgia
106.6 Pal orient Local Mixed
106.8 TRT Kent Radio Istanbul National News
107.0 Radio Seymen National Turkish folk music
107.2 Radio Sports National Indigenous Music
107.4 Radio Voyage National Foreign music
107.6 Accra FM National Mixed Music
107.8 Radyo Hevi Local Kurdish
108.0 Radio Full Moon Local Religious Publication

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