What Is The Bank Call Center & IVR Voice Over?

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What Is The Bank Call Center & IVR Voice Over? Total reading time 2 minutes.

What Is The Bank Call Center & IVR Voice Over?

The IVR infrastructure is an indispensable element that enables coordination for call centers. When the telephone rings, the bank starts with an IVR greeting to the customer, and digital stations are called IVR with all the directional and informative announcements until they reach live support.
IVR systems need to be correctly configured. The most important point is that the referral messages should be specified correctly, the customers can easily transfer to the target they want to reach, and the IVR systems should be as simple and understandable as possible. Bank call center or briefly bank customer service in the center IVR welcome announcements it is of great importance. Especially the bank call center uses the latest technology with its IVR infrastructure.
The Bank is of vital importance to the IVR infrastructure and voice-over for customer service employees as well as their customers to carry out the necessary transactions quickly and easily without losing time.

My Production Voice Over Agency is implementing the IVR system setup for all major call centers. In the IVR scenarios we offer, it can be transformed into a professional and more detailed IVR system in line with customer demands and needs, starting from the simplest and simple IVR systems. The most important factor here is customer identity, customer demands and needs.

An essential part of an IVR system, IVR greeting announcement meeting the call, the call is based on the key features such as transferring the call contains the basic features. The most preferred basic features in IVR systems are listed below.

1- Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, as well as many languages support IVR announcements to be presented accurately and completely.
2- Direct dialing to internal or external destinations without customer feeling.
3- The codec optimization of the audio structure in the IVR infrastructure is optimized for the optimization of the codecs and also the wav format installed announcements can be run as nested IVR scenarios.
4- Connect your phone, Define your informatics input and output announcements as your conversations are recorded.
5- In case of no keying, warning message can be sent to a different destination by informative announcement.
6- In case of incorrect dialing, you can send a warning message or a different destination.
7- Keystroke time and reaction time IVR Voiceover be different in the scenario.
8- Registration can be registered with a name such as Main Menu, Product Preference, Survey Score, etc.
9- Unlimited definition of keystrokes according to time condition
10- Can be defined as multi-digit keying targets defined as 2 digit or 4 digit.
11- Excel can be loaded with keying information or reporting the list in excel format.
12- Processes that can be done with IVR.

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