Facility Announcements & The Voice Over Solutions

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Facility Announcements & The Voice Over Solutions

Corporate companies, companies, public institutions, factories etc. such as announcements made in order to provide easy access to employees or facility visitors in large working areas, which are advantageous for easy access of employees or facility visitors in large area enterprises. Where are the most public announcements in our lives? The announcements are generally used as a warning in our daily life in the areas of transportation, airports, bus terminals, hospitals, shopping malls, districts and neighborhoods.

What should the facility announcement be?
Our announcement device; Announcement may vary depending on the location. It can be more functional or in the same way as all announcements of the same type. For example, announcement systems at airports and hospitals can be divided into regional areas. Only the hospital rooms for the patients to hear, or the corridors and staff parts for the doctors to hear. such as distinction can be made.

Regional announcements can only be discriminated at the airports to allow passengers to hear or hear airport staff. In this way, it is possible to reach the desired places without creating any noise and information pollution by announcements to the places of the people who are interested in the subject. In sports fields, it is very important to announce to stadium and gym sports facilities and to have high standard of announcement system and devices. In the announcements, the tone of highlighting, the dictation of the announcer and the sound satiety of the announcer give great importance.

What should be considered when making the facility announcement?
The person who will announce the announcement while the voice announcement is making should hear three rules. These three n rules can be called. What, how, when? The questions should be explained in a good way according to the specifications of the facility. For example Please Note! You are kindly requested to come to the consultation desk of Mr. Mustafa Yılmaz. Or Please Attention! 34 VYZ 34 The car owner is required to pull the vehicle from where he is.

In the style of what and how or where to answer questions must be absolutely good. The second rule is that the voice of the person who will make the announcement is not detone. The sound detone may cause misunderstandings within the announcement system and the facility. While the announcement of the facility announcement is being made, some of the times are the most frequently heard English type except Turkish. The announcement of the announcements in English should be careful not to make the person in the wrong places to emphasize. Announcing facility announcements In some cases, it can be recorded according to the functions of the devices and can be played back by means of dialing. Or it can be provided by robots thanks to special software. The third rule is that the person who will make the announcement must be extremely careful and should definitely stay away from the circumstances that will disturb him from the outside. During the announcement of the announcement, the announcement of the facility announcement can be completed successfully while at least following these three rules.

But if you want to make a perfect announcement, announcements appropriate to the properties of the facility can be prepared in molds beforehand and read easily from a paper in Turkish and in the desired foreign languages. People who make announcements at airports, hospitals, public institutions and factories often provide announcements in the information they receive from the security of the facility. In an unusual situation in the region, the announcement system saves lives.

When are plant announcements needed?
It can be used in a very convenient way to warn or influence announcements such as lost goods, plate announcements, scheduled airplanes and bus announcements, contact announcements, emergency announcements, service announcements, etc. The announcements are frequently encountered in villages, neighborhoods and districts. Such announcements may usually be funeral, emergency blood, false parking or municipal services announcements. Announcements affect people. It allows you to navigate the crowded communities in a comfortable way. Thanks to these facilities, the environment creates a prosperity and peace of mind.

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