What is a New Generation AV1 Codec? How to use?

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What is AV1 Codec? How to use? Total reading time 3 minutes.

What is a New Generation AV1 Codec? How to use?

Technology is developing in all areas and things we are accustomed to can change suddenly. I remember the early times when computers first came into our lives, I used to do a collection of trailers, and all of them were MOV, and the supporting player was Quicktime. Afterwards a lot of video formats, audio format came out. Each one added an innovation to the other; Now a new video format is rising, while smaller size, better quality, easier conversion. The official video format of the Alliance for Open Media, which was founded in 2015 but we just started to hear its name, is AV1. Audio Video The abbreviated AVI Interleaved word combines audio and video data for simultaneous playback. The AVI format was developed by Microsoft in 1992 and is now widely used for file transfer and storage of video and audio tracks. AV1 is a new generation video codec system and is quite jh

You must understand the broad definition of AV1, Alliance for Open Media's Turkish counterpart for Open Media Alliance. This alliance is made up of major Internet and hardware companies such as Google, Amazon, Intel, Netflix, Nvidia, Amd, and its biggest goal is not to pay more for encoder / decoder patents.

The AV1 format, which is currently under development and available to allies, aims to be the first choice anywhere in the near future, and plans to replace the popular video formats Mpeg-4, H264 and H265.

Why is AV1?
  The AV1 Codec stands out with its open source software and royalty-free format. In other words, companies that will use AV1 video format will not have to pay royalties for encoders (or whatever they use).

2-) Even though AV1 is now a format that needs high performance, the size of the resulting videos will be lower compared to other formats, and the image quality will not fall, but it will stand up to other formats. Those who use this format will save more storage space.

The AV1 is in its development stage and some say that this format is unnecessary, and will not replace the existing codecs in the market for many years. Only if the performance requirement can be slightly reduced; The fact that it is one of the most preferred formats due to the fact that it does not have royalty payment and can produce low-sized files is viewed by many environments.

At the beginning of the internet giants who currently support AV1 and contribute to its development; We see world giant names like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, Intel, AMD and Netflix. Even Youtube and Netflix recently used all video database infrastructures due to less disk space usage AV1 Codec they will spend. In fact, the world 's technology giant, Alfabet, Google tests on their own video sharing site Youtube also started these tests. But in order to watch AV1 formatted videos in the test sequence, you can activate Testtube on Youtube, have Chrome 70, and have Firefox versions 63 and above, and media.av1.enabled You must have turned on (active).

Firefox AV1 Codec Settings 2019Firefox 63 and later media.av1.enabled To activate; your browser's address line about: config? Filter = media.av1.enabled paste the command, I accept the risk to close the warning window saying OK false left click twice with the help of your mouse and the text true Click OK.

In order to have an idea about the image quality related to AV1, the technology giant Google's video content sharing service can see the quality of audio and video through your playlist on Youtube, and you will see that the HD quality sound and image work with more space in contrast to existing formats. .

How do I convert to AV1 format?
Free AV1 video converters are now available on the Internet. For example, if you need to give an address for one of them, you can start experiencing your first experience with the AV1 codec via the https://convertio.Co/en/mp4-av1/ link. You enter the site, select a video file from your desktop or a url, then select the format of AV1 and start the conversion. Of course, your video will be uploaded first to convertio servers, it takes a long time to look at the process online. After the upload and conversion process is completed, you are downloading your AV1 format video to your computer via convertio servers.

We wish you all a pleasant next-generation codec AV1 experience.

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