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Turkish Youtube Legal Film Channels 2019

Watching Free Movies From Youtube!

Those who like to spend time on Youtube are not really far away from the subject, and we think that the quality of the TV in the face of a good day, and all those who are frustrated, will understand more clearly what we mean. You know that most of the TV channels are now trying new strategies to publish nice and qualified content, and many of them are not successful. Survivor contests, bride-grooming programs, magazine programs, magazine programs, and ridiculous videos we actually see on YouTube are the occasional [...]

What is AV1 Codec? How to use?

What is a New Generation AV1 Codec? How to use?

Technology is developing in all areas and things we are accustomed to can change suddenly. I remember the early times when computers first came into our lives, I used to do a collection of trailers, and all of them were MOV, and the supporting player was Quicktime. Afterwards a lot of video formats, audio format came out. Each one added an innovation to the other; Now a new video format is rising, while smaller size, better quality, easier conversion. The official video format of the Alliance for Open Media, which was founded in 2015 but we just started to hear its name, is AV1. [...]

What is FoxPlay? FoxPlay How To Watch Free?

What is FoxPlay? FoxPlay How To Watch Free?

Fox TV is available in many countries, online and digital platforms FoxPlay, now in the countdown to the TV enthusiasts in Turkey. The traditional TV viewing habits have been replaced by digital content, and Netflix and Amazon Prime have been gradually becoming more and more popular. Research shows that people are no longer on television but preferring to spend time with computers or mobile devices over generic alternatives. When this is the case, every day we encounter a new digital platform [...]

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How To Make A Youtube Channel Voice Over?

Voicing both artists and advertisers, YouTube is the most effective platform for creating playlists, creating ads, or building all these links with a demo channel that can link to your personal websites to attract more visitors. Especially in the recent period, online marketing has exploded a lot and it has produced billions of dollars for many businesses because of its ability to reach thousands of customers. Looking at YouTube's statistics, the figures are amazing. People can do a lot of things with YouTube these days, and they're rich for advertisers, despite the [...]

Youtube Audio Solutions

How To Do Youtube Voice Over?

Youtube Voiceover Solutions The audio industry has become one of the trend sectors because of the recent popular and continuous talk. Game Videos, How-To Videos ?, Tips Videos, Recipes Videos etc. Now they are in need of professional voiceover solutions just like on TV channels on Youtube and other social media. In addition to this, Youtube vocalization work, video synchronization and sound effects with the correct and expressive reinforcement of the stage of the addition of serious professionalism came to the fore as applications. This is where Youtuber [...]


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