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Satellite Channels List of Azerspace 2018

Azerspace 1 Satellite Channel Frequency List (Updated 2018)

Azerspace-1, Azerbaijan's first official satellite in space, was produced by Orbital Sciences Corporation and launched in 2012 from the Guyana Space Center in France. Azerspace-1 satellite was launched on February 7, 2013 at 46 ° east orbit. With a weight of 3.2 tons, the satellite will provide telecommunication services for Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe and Africa for 15 years. Within the scope of the Azerspace-1 satellite, Europe, a large part of Asia and Africa are located. Azerspace-1 with an approximate life of 15 years. It has 24 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders. Satellite [...]


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