IVR Announcement Voice Over & My Produksiyon

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IVR Announcement Voice Over & My Produksiyon

IVR Announcing Voice

Today, the well-known big companies that are advertised in the central voiceovers as everyone's name IVR (Interactive Voice Responce) is very important for the people who listen to the voice and speech heard on the phone. With the technology we use as my production and the special codec infrastructure we have developed, we have reached the same level as the whole world, and we have put history of the robot operator announcements in the old used telephone exchange. All our central voices; We have carried out a voice response process with welcome announcements and music that we played for you not to get bored.

IVR is a voice response system that exchanges information via telephone and directs information through keys. IVR Voiceover Interactions with customers are important for both customer satisfaction and cost savings. It is the most efficient transportation phone that can be accessed 24/7. IV; Telecom consumer advisory lines in insurance and banking operations in call centers are very effective in the use of service sector campaign management training and corporate applications. Providing all the information given to you is an advantage for our customers. For institutions, it is useful to use labor force and budget more efficiently.

Is there a complaint about whether the job is doing the job properly after doing the job does you continue to support them all you can learn easily. Our company has the features to meet all of these criteria. We trust ourselves and call us please. Start working with us at the end of the research. We guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction.

Turkish, English, German, French and much more ve IVR announcing voice in 63 languages!

As the söylemek My Production itesi team, we are proud to say that we can provide the best service quality by reaching out to people all over the world to get the best benefits IVR offers.

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