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Dubbing Artists Who Who's Voice?

Watching foreign films in Turkish dubbed is indispensable for many of us. We have been watching foreign movies especially in cinemas with subtitles when we go to the dubbing works for many years. When we hear the voice of a character we hear in a film in another movie, in another character, or when we hear the same sound when we watch different movies of the same player; we wonder who these sounds belong to. For example, in many different movies for years [...]

Netflix Dubbing Voice Changer

How To Change Language On Netflix (Any Device)

How does Netflix Voice Language change? When you change the language type supported by Netflix and set it in Turkish, you can watch many foreign series, blockbuster movies and documentaries with the support of Turkish language. It was a torture to download online and download or stream broadcasts online on the internet, not before long ago. We could wait long periods of time to load the series or films we followed, and then maybe watch it with occasional hanging. Digital broadcast services like Netflix have brought great convenience to our lives. No longer [...]


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