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Italian is a Romantic language of Latin origin and belongs to the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family. It is the closest of all Romance languages to the Latin vocabulary.
Even today there are many different Italian dialects. Historically, each city-state has its own dialects, and by the 14th century it began to dominate others. The modern standard is based on the Tuscan dialect that dominates for various reasons, such as the geographical location of the region, the importance of Florence for trade and culture, and the classic Latin proximity of the Tuscan dialect. However, as much as the unification of Italy in 1861, the standard Italian did not become the national language of the country.
In which countries is Italian as a national language?
It is the official language of Italy, Italy and San Marino, and is also one of four official languages in Switzerland. Italian was the official language of Malta until 1934 and is still widely spoken (about two-thirds of the population is fluent in Italian). In the Croatian town of Istria, Italian is considered an official minority language.
How many people in the world speak Italian?
It is estimated that approximately 60 million people speak Italian in the EU and 14 million people speak as a second language. The United States, Canada, Australia and Argentina have large expatriate Italian communities. While a million people in the United States speak Italian at home, more than 17 million Americans are of Italian origin. It is spoken in Italian by a minority in Monaco, Corsica and Southeast France and Italian Voice Over work is being done. The language is still widely understood as a remnant of the Italian colonial period in the African countries of Libya and Eritrea.
Word similarity between Italian and other languages ​​(comparing word sets): 90% with French, 88% with Catalan, 85% with Spanish and Portuguese, and 77% with Romania. There are only 21 letters in the Italian alphabet. J, k, w, x and y are not used, but appear on credit cards such as jeans, whiskeys and taxis. Italy was the place of the educated European gentleman to be visited during the Renaissance. In the UK now, Italian has become the second most common modern language to be learned after French. Italian credits were used and used in cultural contexts such as art and music in Europe. Some of the most prominent Italian dialects are surprisingly found on the islands of Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica. A group of dialects in the north and northwest of Italy exhibit a strong French influence. Italian Polish Voice It carries marked marks and is known as Gallo-Italian.
Current Status of Italian Economy
Italy has a diversified industrial economy - the ninth largest in the world, the fourth largest in Europe and the third largest in the Eurozone (nominal GDP). The country is economically divided between the more industrial north (managed by private companies) and the less developed, with the agricultural south (with high unemployment). The production of high quality consumer goods of SMEs (usually family) is important for the national economy. Italy is a member of G7, G8, European Union and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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