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Farsi (also known as Parsi or Persian) belongs to the Indo-European branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Farsi is the name of the modern Persian language spoken today in Persia (formerly Persians). Parsi is Farsi instead of his main name because it is written using an Arabic script and there is no P letter in Arabic.
The historical development of Persian is usually grouped in three stages:
Old Persian Until the 3rd century BC - an ancient form of the language evolved from the Proto-Iranian people spoken by the people of Parsa.
Middle Persian 3-9. It was influenced by centuries of other Central Asian languages such as Sogdian, Chrosmian and Parthian. Central Iran decreased in the 7th century after the Arab conquest.
New Persian From the 9th century - simplified grammar, an Arabic script, Arabic vocabulary (and later English, French and German vocabulary).
In which countries is Persian as a national language?
Farsi is the official language of Iran. Other well-known regional languages in Iran include Azeri, Arabic, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Baluchi and Luri. The other two varieties of Persian (Parsi or Farsi), known as Dari and Tajik, are the official languages of Afghanistan and Tajikistan and besides speaking Persian in these countries. Farsi Voice Over The work is also done professionally.
How many people in the world speak Persian?
It is estimated that there are about 110 million Persian speakers in Iran, about 40 million Persian speakers (60% of the population). Parsi, the language of the Persian Empire, was much more widely spoken in ancient times; to the east from the Indian borders, to the west to Egypt and the Mediterranean; to the south of the borders of Russia from the north to the Persian Gulf. When the Mongols occupied the Persians in the 13th century, the Persians turned them into Parsi. They took them back to India and became the court language of many Indian kings until the 18th century British occupation. Farsi Polish Voice His work has also been involved in these years. Many neighboring languages were significantly influenced by Persian. These are Turkish, Armenian, Urdu and Arabic.
Current Situation of Iranian Economy
Iran's mixed economy is 17th in terms of purchasing power parity and 21st in terms of nominal GDP; It is described by Goldman Sachs as one of the Next Eleven economies. Oil and gas production dominates the Iranian economy. It has a large public sector and half of the economy is planned centrally. One of the main problems facing Iran is the fact that underemployment has led many of the country's educated young people to go abroad to get better jobs, which is known as sorun brain drain İran.

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