How to Prepare Curiosities?

How to Prepare Curiosities?

I felt the need to change the channel as soon as I saw the person walking on me on the television screen saying, im Who comes, who comes and who comes? “. The reason why I did this is not to like Kibariye, but the feeling of curiosity couldn't be aroused using a celebrity in the ad. A while back I heard similar things about the Sky Airlines ads that started with the slogan de The champion is returning home Bir. There was a bit more awkward because the situation was crowded and there was a noisy group filling the screen.

If there is a very important idea to say in ads, I would like to be told immediately, but rather for direct advertising if it is not a very original and amazing product. We learn the goods - service that Kibariye belongs to in a short period of time and discuss whether this is a product that arouses a curiosity, but it is necessary to evaluate the risks of the campaigns initiated in this way and plan the advertisements according to these risks.

The biggest risk is not to attract the attention of the consumers that in our country, such campaigns are very often done in a short period of time is losing its influence. This method, which is used not only in television commercials but also in other media campaigns, is used in the preliminary presentation of television programs from time to time. But as I mentioned above, if it isn't really an original product - or a campaign about them, it is very uncomfortable to arouse curiosity. Instead of wondering what is happening, the consumer ignores the advertisement at the place he encounters and finally, when the time comes for clarification, he can act like reklam Yes, that's it, next Ne.

One of the most successful examples of this type of campaign was the ads for Axess credit card. Moreover, there was no celebrity in these commercials and he introduced a young actor like Serdar Orçin to the audience. With the motto tı It does not disintegrate and divide “, it succeeded in attracting not only the audience but also many people. Over the years, Axess has worked with celebrity faces and still continues to work with Özgü Namal, but in the first leg of a large advertising campaign, he realized a successful advertising campaign, not only by the product, but by making the players who are the faces of that product a wonder.

Ads are made to the media, goods - services, companies, brands, domains, Etc. they are prepared with more or less budgets. Moreover, famous people used in production are often included in budgets as the most important cost element. Working with celebrity faces, or work aiming to nudge a sense of curiosity, is not a guarantee that the ad will succeed. In this respect, it would be appropriate for Kibariye to come in and come in.

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