How to Strengthen Brain Power and Memory?

How to Strengthen Brain Power and Memory?

There are no forgetful people, there are people who do not know how their memory works!

'Powerful Memory' is a personal development book written to use the brain effectively and accurately. It has been researched that the people who appear to be very intelligent do not have any difference from us, but use their minds correctly or not.
If every person's brain structure is the same, you can think of a question as to why some of them use their memory effectively, some cannot use it.
Reply; everyone's brain structure and memory power may be the same, but not everyone can recognize it and use it. Those who don't know how they use it.
Ahmet Yildiz has developed a formula for everyone to have a powerful memory.
Principle of Memory (Memory) + Powerful Memory Preparation + Memory Biology + Memory Support Systems + Principles of Powerful Memory Techniques + Powerful Memory Techniques = POWERFUL MEMORY

Did you know that our brain is divided in two?
Moreover, did you know that these two halves are two separate brains?
[Tony Buzan]

You will learn which side of your brain is dominant through tests in the book. But by learning the techniques of using both parts of the brain, you will achieve absolute success. This book will give you both motivation and application power, and will show you how to implement it with plenty of examples Bu


Have you ever had anything you didn't remember in the test of a lesson you've been well prepared for? Do you sometimes feel desperate to produce new ideas? Did you feel that you didn't understand anything by looking at a subject you read occasionally or a lesson you studied?
I'm sure this kind of moments are almost all of you. When you take a look at the answers and take a look at the answers, ım How could I not answer this question, abı you remember now that you are angry with yourself. If you have had these days, I suggest you go back and take a look at your diet.
Essentially, two important things are needed to use your brain power effectively;
1-) Knowing and Using Fast, Easy and Permanent Learning Techniques,
2-) Foods that Improve Memory and Intelligence.
Today I would like to focus on food that feeds the brain with brain power. In the second stage, I will try to reveal the relationship between fast learning techniques and nutrition, which is more important.
The nutrients we eat have a very important effect on human memory, intelligence and concentration power. For example, the brain, which weighs only 2 to 3% of our body weight, consumes 30% of our daily calories on average.
In terms of Memory and Intelligence Development, some food sources are much more important than others. Foods containing B vitamins, for example, come first.
Again, vard iron bey has a vital importance for feeding the brain.
The share of hayat B ir vitamins in the realization of important reactions in the brain is vital in terms of mental potential. B vitamins also protect the brain against stress. Lack of B vitamins, which contribute greatly to energy production for the brain, causes fatigue, memory and intelligence performance to weaken. If the B vitamins that the brain needs are taken sufficiently, it is clear that there are improvements in the mental functions listed below;
Learning and Memory Power,
Fast Thinking,
Verbal Ability and Fluency,
Creative Thinking,
Feeling Energetic.
Dry legumes, red meat, sunflower seeds, fish, yogurt, milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, chicken meat, turkey, peanut, banana, melon, broccoli, spinach, tomato, egg, melon and artichoke combinations guarantee group B vitamins food sources.
It is recommended to take low-dose düşük B-Complex en vitamins in addition to those who think that they cannot be fed properly.
In addition, iron has a very important role in transporting oxygen to the brain. There is a need for iron in the formation of hemoglobin and erythrocytes in the blood, which in particular can be transported to the brain and used by the brain. In short, iron is needed to transport one of the brain's main energy sources to the brain. Therefore, we should have food containing iron in my diet.
All red meats, dried legumes, dark green vegetables, tomatoes and molasses are rich in iron foods.
Vitamin kolaylaştır C em is the vitamin that facilitates the absorption of iron from food. Therefore, foods containing iron le C besin containing vitamin, for example citrus fruits, kiwi, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, melon, strawberry, figs, red and green peppers, such as foods should be taken together. In addition, drinks containing caffeine prevent the absorption of iron.

In addition to the ıları C ıları vitamins, verimli E yanında has a great contribution to the effective and efficient use of the brain as an antioxidant. Vegetable oils, peanuts, sunflower seeds and wheat are rich in vitamin E foods.


In the early years of preparing for the world memory championship, I did eight hours of memory exercises four hours a day in the afternoon and four hours in the afternoon and I kept thousands of numbers and words in my memory at the beginning of the computer. Undoubtedly, my brain consumes a lot of energy in these exercises, and I get tired and hungry at noon. But after the meal I was feeling a weight on me. I was even pushing sleep and I was seeing a decrease in concentration. It was an inescapable problem for me at that time. I had to eat the food my body needed. On the other hand, after eating, I saw my mental performance and thus my scores decreased. I'm starting to think what I should do. Im Is this a combination of food that affects my mental potential negatively? “I started to worry. I'm sure many students and businessmen still feel like me after lunch.
Carbohydrates, for example, provided energy, but this was very short. I started to calculate how to be fed lighter and healthier at lunch. I've begun to investigate what foods are actually feeding the brain. Then I found out what caused this research. For example, I decided to eat chicken instead of pasta and pastry; instead of French fries, I started to prefer fruit and sometimes green vegetable salads. I cut all the soda pops. I was starting to feel the difference right away. My concentration didn't fall as much as I used to, and I wasn't sleepy. These foods made me feel more saturated with carbohydrates, but my physical and mental potential was not reduced. But I still feel I can do something about food.
Then I started to think about the oxygen and nutrients it carries with the blood circulation to the brain. For example, if I drink aspirin and the darkness of blood decreases, maybe blood hypersales easier to carry the brain to create various hypotheses and tried them. But I realized that I jumped a very important thing, even though I thought so in detail. The most important issue I jumped was;
After lunch, the blood turned to the stomach and intestine, and the amount of blood going to the brain decreased. This temporarily caused the mental potential to fall. I found a solution to that. I cut my lunch in half and half eat lunch, and the other half started eating on the afternoon. As a result of the less-eaten lunch, the amount of blood in the region of the stomach and intestines was not very high and this did not affect my mental performance. In a nutshell, I was eating little food from my brains in the afternoon. Since then, I have eaten six different meals at three meals.

In summary, I recommend everyone to follow such a nutritional program. A summary can be drawn from what has been described so far;
In order to keep your mental potential at the same level all day long, and not to have a fluctuating and out-of-the-brain performance, you must first feed your daily food into four, if possible, in six equal parts, and feed it with mini meals. You should make sure that the food is low in fat. Fatty, heavy and heavy foods cause the blood to be drawn from the brain and turn to the digestive system. The result is fatigue, drowsiness and mental potential.
Make sure your foods contain iron-containing foods. For this, you should eat foods such as dark green vegetables, lean red meat, tomatoes, molasses, beans, peas and apricots.
In order to make sure that you have enough B vitamins, you should have skimmed milk, yogurt, banana, seafood and dried legumes in your diet.
You should also add carrots, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes and other dark green leaf vegetable mixes rich in vitamins C and E with antioxidant properties to your daily meal list.

After summing up the nutrients necessary for memory and brain power, it became a relationship between fast, easy and permanent learning techniques and nutrition.

I compare the trio of iy nutrition benz, ”brain” and ”memory techniques” to ”gasoline sırayla, lü last model car teknik and” driver “trio. I'll give you different scenarios below to understand the importance of each one. I will leave you the decision. I'm going to try to write the parable of each one in brackets.
1-) First Scenario: First let's create a scenario. Imagine that you are the owner of a ım model car du (brain) and that you're filling this car with an the highest quality gasoline unuz. But let's assume that you don't know how to drive (memory techniques). Could you go anywhere you want with this car? You can only take the car somewhere. But in this case you can never take advantage of the power of the car.

2) Second Scenario: In the second scenario, imagine that you have a ”last model car (brain) an and fill the tank with düşün poor quality gasoline araba. But besides, let's assume that you know very well about ”driving (memory techniques) Ama. Could you go anywhere you want with this car? You can definitely go where you want, but because the engine of the car is forced by bad gas, you can't reach the speed you want. In fact, if you use bad gasoline constantly, in the long term) (brain) ad malfunctions may begin to occur.

3-) Third Scenario: This scenario is the ideal one. Imagine that in this scenario you're a driver who knows how to drive your last model car with top quality gasoline, as well as advanced driving techniques. Of course, it is impossible to be safer and faster than you. You just step on the gas and leave behind the bad gasoline and bad-drive cars on the road. They also get less tired of them and find the time to travel more quickly and find time for other jobs.
In summary, anyone who owns a ”last model car (brain) onu must first learn to önce use it Özet (memory techniques). In the second stage, the car's tank should be filled with lı quality gasoline (continuously.
Keep in mind that most of us are carefully reviewing its instruction manual before using any expensive equipment that we purchase. But we also don't think much about what we should do to make our brain more efficient.
If you're looking for a guide to teach you how to use your brain to make your life easier and leave your opponents behind, I recommend you take a look at the Mega Memory's etkin Photographic Memory Techniques bırakmak set.

In the meantime, to get the maximum benefit from your brain power, do not ignore the information about the food given above.

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