Target Audience Selection in Radio Ads

Target Audience Selection in Radio Ads

It is very difficult today to make general descriptions of the radio listener. The broadcasting policies of radios are designed to address the masses with different characteristics. Rock, arabesque, folk songs, pop music radio broadcasting etc. There are many types of broadcasters. Although they are music genres, there are different life styles, world views, habits, wishes, expectations in the characteristics of the masses who listen to them. Therefore, it seems to be an unnecessary work for brands or companies to try to analyze the features of public radio listeners in order to advertise. Instead, determining the mass characteristics that can buy their products and services, and determining the radios that the audience listens most, seem to be the right method. Most advertising agencies or firms often pay attention to the resting rates of these stations when making radio selections. A radio that has no or very little listening is wrong, no matter how correctly chosen, it cannot reach the target consumer.

However, no matter how high the rate of rest, if the product sold does not address the potential audience of the radio, this choice is also wrong. The resting rate of the radios should be sufficient and the products and services sold should be addressed to the radio listener. That is, the radio station to be advertised must be selected according to these criteria. For example, people listening to folk radios differ in their way of organizing their own lives. They have their preferences, preferences accordingly. Likewise, those who listen to arabesque radios are the same. Their wishes, preferences are different, and even the ways in which they are directed and the messages to be sent to them are different. They are valid for each audience with different characteristics. Radio advertising design Even in its stage, these features are becoming more and more important in the publication, while they stand at crucial points. The target audience characteristics should be taken into consideration during the design phase of the promotions.

Apart from these, working and advertising according to the characteristics of the radio listener make them feel close to the product and service. They embrace and trust products and services. The message sentences created for the radio ad should be of the kind that the background music is suitable for the audience and can listen to them. The listener characteristics of this media should be calculated as stated above, but they can also reflect the characteristics of public radio listeners at the same time. In other words, it should be kept in mind that listeners can be variable at any time, can show different characteristics and can make choices that do not match with themselves and their lives.

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