What are the types of radio advertising?

What are the types of radio advertising?

Radio broadcasts are promoted in four ways;

1- Radio Ads and public advertisement; They are read by radio speakers.
2- Music and dramatic advertising; They are prepared by agencies. Time is clear. They contain music and dramatic elements.
3- Programmatic advertising: It is done by agencies in the form of programs containing promotions of more than one company or by an enterprise, educational, entertaining, with the program section of the company's own promotional products or services are made in the form of promotion.
4- Special promotional advertising programs: Special programs prepared for services such as a product promotion or culture, education and tourism. Either at the beginning and end of the program which is published at certain time intervals, they are prepared in the way that the company wants to be promoted, or they are published as the promotion of the company during the program period.

Radio advertising costs are calculated over the word and signal price.

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