Notary Acknowledgment How?

Notary Acknowledgment How?

The work belongs to the creator from the moment it was created, so you don't need a document to have it. However, obtaining a set of documents to prove that you have created the work allows you to eliminate future problems. This is currently the only official way to name your masterpiece notary public in Turkey is make certify in writing the notes and lyrics. For the time being, there is no institution where you can submit your work as registered abroad in a sound environment. However, you can prove that your work has been recorded on a specific date by sending the work you have saved on CD, cassette or similar sound recording media to your own address or sending it to the notary by entrusting it as not delivery delivery entrusted veya.

If you are actively playing music, or at least the amount of your work is more than eserler a few Aktif, we recommend that you become a member of a professional association such as Mesam or MSG and make a notification of your works to the organization you are a member of. If you have the opportunity, by contracting with an edition company, you will both market your works and you will deal less with official jobs such as Mesam membership. Before you make a deal with such a company, you must sign the written contract to the legal experts and ask questions that are attached to your head. Since the arrangement agreements are usually signed for long periods, they need to be carefully examined before signing. You can also send us your questions.

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