Soundability How To Make Sound Work?

Soundability How To Make Sound Work?

a) Throw a sound from a high: 20 feet ahead of a single breath: duyur pa, pe, pi, po; ba, be, bi, bo; da, de, di, do. Repeat.

b) Tap up to the wall with your hand to count up to 10 taking pale. Then push the wall strongly, count it again with a strong tone. In both cases, the volume remains the same.

c) Read the following sentences in a breath without losing the sound intensity. Make sure that the volume of your voice is the same throughout the sentence.
- I do not want to go.
- Mechanical engineer asked you to drive more slowly.
- The heart hits 100,800 times a day and in this period, 30 cm of a weight of 130 tons. it provides a power corresponding to its elevation.

D) Read the first part of the following statements as if you were talking to the person near you, and read the second part with a strong voice as if speaking to 100 people.
-It's not hard to read, just let's enjoy it.
- How nice to work, I'm constantly working to destroy my troubles.
-The water of the bucket is dripped, the wastewater is exhausted in seconds.

to) The text 1. in a very slow voice 2. in a small room with a regular voice; 3. Read across a larger hall, across a more crowded listener
Have you thought about what laziness is and how people weave socks on their heads? Is this question too childish? Almost everyone knows that laziness is bad. Nobody wants to be lazy. But I wonder how many people have actually investigated whether they are lazy? Laziness can be experienced either mentally, physically or both. Most people do not use their minds and a significant part of their bodies. Again, a very important part of people do not run both their bodies and minds.

f) Take your hands and hold your temple. Say in Mmmmmm “. Raise the volume. Feel the vibrations in your nose, on your forehead, on your neck, on your chest and on your head.
Sound Curtain-Flexibility
The twisted output of the sound is possible by making changes to the pitch. -Consider the notes of Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do2. You remove each note from a different screen. As you shrink your throat and bring it up, your voice will shrink. You produce music with your voice between high and low sounds.

Audio output should not be monotonous. The sound should be switched between high-low-tone, fast-slow, paused-paused, accent-unstressed. We can also describe the twisty of the sound as the musicality of the sound. Everyone has a unique speech sound.

We need to improve our ability to make changes in the pitch to make it easy to twist. Let's stand on three pitched pitches: low, medium and high-pitched sounds. Pes is thick and treble is thin sound. It can be noted in all three screens. The pitch is a kind of note. We can say that the adaptation of the notes to the words is Not twist “or mas knotting Not. If the speaker is not able to knuckle, the computer will sound similar to the singular sound. The individual secret that individualizes the voice and makes everyone a separate speaker is the different nodding of the person.

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