How to Speak Effectively?

How to Speak Effectively?

An important issue in beautiful and effective speech is the perfect output of sound. The perfect output of sound requires a successful fit between the sound output and the use of breath. Smooth sound has four basic features. These are composed of the level of lülük the level of hearing üküm, i height of sound ın, “likeness / tone level” and ”variation / twist ilme. Let's learn and develop these features below.

Hearing - Height

Some people's voices can hardly be heard at a distance of one meter. It is extremely difficult to understand the speech in such a voice, and the listeners enter into psychological tension while listening.

The sound must be high enough to be heard by the listeners. Normal sound should be high enough to reach the farthest part of the crowd. But loud sound should not turn into shouting. In this sense, if you don't use a microphone, you should pay attention to the size of the community you are talking to. If you speak to a person who is 20 meters away from a friend who is next to you, you use the height of the sound incorrectly. The height of the sound should be adjusted according to the size of the hall. However, it is very important not to create a m shout ”tone when raising the sound.

Note: How many people do you speak to a group? How wide is your room? Is there noise in the environment? Can your voice be heard at a distance of 20 meters? Or does he sound like a murmur? Does your voice turn into shouting? The appropriate volume is the sound that surrounds the audience.

The following exercises are designed to raise our voice in a controlled manner. If we can control our loudness, we will be able to control our audience Ses

Phone Announcements

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IVR Voiceover

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French Voice Over

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