How to Create a Corporate Identity?

How to Create a Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity The concept describes a multi-dimensional image study, especially in audiovisual communication. The aim of this study is to transfer the historical, cultural and geographical identities of the institutions, their foundation objectives and ideals, products and services, and their sectoral positions to the target group in the shortest time and with the least effort.

Well-crafted Corporate Identity provides a firm with:

  • Firm name in memory
  • Visualization of company features (dynamism, innovation etc.)
  • Quality guarantee of products and services
  • To provide the first information about the nature of the products and services and their position in the sector
  • Leaving competitors at first sight

Corporate identity also needs renewal periodically. As the company and market evolve Firmamake the differenceTır the most effective way is to reflect this to the image, in other words, to be more effective and direct, ie, visually, to overcome prejudice.

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