In which case an ad turns to news?

In which case an ad turns to news?

When is an advertisement turned into news? Or when does it become a concern for all people? When we look at it from different angles, the design of the ad is of interest to everyone, always in terms of the messages it conveys, the elements it uses. Even if they address different gender or age groups, gender and different age groups are all independent in the same habitat, as they are not independent from each other. Let's think of a family living in the same house. One of them concerns the where and how the budget is used, the clothes, the food, the food and the food, the places it is interested in, the other family members. They can identify and influence each other's behavior. Sometimes they influence each other's budget, sometimes their choices and preferences. Therefore, regardless of which genus or age the ads target, it attracts the attention of those around them. The product or service that the person decides to purchase can be criticized, rejected or altered by others. For this reason, a promotional film should appeal to the woman, the man or the child, but it must also convince the others.

The subject above is an ad that interests everyone. But this issue is not enough to be his news. The above situation is an important issue that should be on the agenda of marketing communication. When creating strategy in marketing communication, messages are also delivered to the people around the targeted consumer who might influence it. The most obvious example of this is the advertising for children. Note that, design sends messages to children first and then sends messages to the parents. In studies for older consumers, the messages given to the people around are not so clear, but they take them into account and try to influence them. All these elements can be the agenda of marketing communication, but the agenda of the news is another aspect of the advertising. Radio - television, newspaper, open air, internet, such as advertising for the design of the media, if you think about the brand, we can remember what is more or less news.

For example, it becomes a news topic when all the segments of the society love or don't like it. When it contains elements that violate the principles of the application of the advertisement, the penalty becomes news. It is a creative design that normally attracts everyone's attention and news. Advertising design, the brand makes a record sales, news becomes. The design pushes the brand into a bad position, and the news becomes. It's not enough for an ad to be news for everyone. At the same time, people who are not before, to be surprised, attracted attention, curiosity, etc. must have features. In other words, if it exhibits some features outside of the normal flow, it is the agenda of the news. Apart from these, do you think of a feature that makes the ad news?

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